Communist Chairman Mao On Obama's Christmas Ornaments

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breibart strikes again

Transvestite Hedda Lettuce also ordains Barack Hussein Obama's Christmas tree.


As an artist myself, I am often nauseated by the way all art is considered worthwhile if it is in any way a commentary on society. Just because it is a commentary doesn't mean it is a SMART commentary or is worthy of praise. Consider Greenday albums, honestly. I like their sound, but they're just not smart enough to live up to the Clash's level of astute social commentary. They're a copy cat of the Clash, and a weak one at best, and therefore are sellouts to the very thing they seem to want to fight against- the system. The idea that if your art is critical of society you must be oh so enlightened is idiotic and naive. These ornaments are just this kind of simplistic, faux-enlightening crap art that has become the staple of the modern art movement. It doesn't belong in the White House. Just because the Mao is a Warhol doesn't make it worth looking at or hanging on a tree, and I like a lot of Warhol's works... just not this one. Shame on Warhol for painting a mass murderer to begin with.

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