Woman Runs 'Concentration Camp' for Dogs

Saturday, November 14, 2009

CBS reports 11/9/09: Mom Sharon McDonough Suspected of "Concentration Camp" Animal Burial Site in Long Island Backyard

It is verified that McDonough’s backyard contains bodies of at least 20 animals, mostly dogs, that have been tortured and killed. This was discovered when her son, who was forced to take part in her heinous crimes, became so disgusted he finally turned his mother in to the police.

Upon investigation, the police were horrified to uncover that the woman’s mindset and consequent acts were not an isolated incidence. In fact, they discovered that millions of women across the US have secretly been committing acts of murder against pets. As of now, the FBI is involved and they estimate that about 3,700 pets are being killed every day.

As expected, there is justified outrage across America that these horrible deeds must be stopped and this sickening and bizarre behavior be investigated. Some groups such as PETA are calling this an animal genocide and are demanding massive and comprehensive federal protections of animals to be implemented immediately. Their statement was:

“All animals deserve to the chance to live. They were completely defenseless and should have been protected. We’re horrified by these disgusting acts, especially against those who were supposed to be beloved family pets.”

Unfortunately, my continuation of CBS’s report is false. As you've probably figured out, the nearly 4,000 daily murders are not being committed against animals. They are in actuality being committed against babies. If it were family pets, it's obvious that everybody, especially liberals and PETA, would indeed be outraged. But since it is unborn children, liberals not only want to protect these women’s right to murder, they want you and me to pay for it.


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