Obama Bows To China's Communist Leader

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look at 1:00 into the video:

Hu gives a nod and Obama reciprocates with 5 silly bows. Anyone surprised?

Why does Obama only bow to emperors, communist dictators, Islamic kings, and Russian despots?


PersonalFailure said...

Because those are the cultures in which bowing is the equivalent of a handshake?

Honestly, Bush bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, were you outraged about that?

Dr B said...

Yea, but I was more upset about his unethical business dealings though, for oil and so forth.

One bow is one thing. 5 is another. He's making a fool out of himself, and by proxy, us.

Preston said...

Who cares if he bowed. President Dwight D. Eisenhower bowed to Charles de Gaulle (France) and President Richard Milhous Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito (Japan) but don’t let the facts get in the way, believe the lies you want but the facts stay constant.

Anonymous said...

Did you seriously just use those 2 example, Preston? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Check out this cartoon: http://www.theweek.com/cartoons/index/103012/The_meaning_behind_Obamas_bow

The main problem I see is that levels of bows mean different things in different countries. The 90 degree angle, extremely low, bow that Obama did for the Japanese emperor has a specific meaning in Japan. That level of bow expressed (with or without him intending it) his own inferiority to the emperor. And because he represents us he is saying that we are inferior to the Japanese emperor (again, whether or not he knew that that was the message). It was inappropriate, and I don't care whether other Presidents have done it before- that is entirely beyond the point and doesn't justify him doing it in any way because he should know better. Ike and Nixon should have known better too. Only a lemming follows in someone else's flawed footsteps just because they are there. And to say that it was only a showing of respect is to try to defend his actions with only flawed knowledge of cultural rites. Newsweek and Huffington Post were both entirely wrong in their reports about the meaning of the bows, and seem more intent on defending their defense of the President acting stupidly than getting their facts right.

Anonymous said...

Obama is American. Going into China probably made him very nervous, especially because let's be honest, We're not on great terms with China. In an effort to be exceedingly polite, he bowed a few too many times. WHO CARES. I think this video needs much less attention than the many times Bush screwed up in foreign countries.. like the time he got shoes thrown at him? I would rather have a leader who wants to make peace with foreign countries than one who's too proud and ignorant to make friends....

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