NY-23 Flip-flops To Provide Socialized Healthcare's Winning Vote

Sunday, November 8, 2009

May this be a lesson to all Republicans. The "moderate Republican" bitterly endorsed the Democrat and campaigned for him with robo-calls when the conservative candidate became favored. Upon his election, the Democrat of NY-23 Owens broke 4 promises in less than an hour, including his promise not to vote for Obamacare.

So much for "moderate" Republicans!

Pelosi passed socialized healthcare late on a Saturday night, after breaking House rules to do so, by a razor thin margin. One Republican stabbed the party in the back to support her, and all three newly elected Representatives supported the bill. Naturally the fringe media praises the bipartisanship and hails a new era of honest politics.


Anonymous said...

Had they not broken the rules and made it a budget bill it wouldn't have passed. It didn't have the votes to pass by anything more than a 50/50 vote. We'll see how it goes in the Senate. They're pissing a lot of people off that usually stay quiet about politics. Keep messing with us Pelosi. I dare you.

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