How Will Obama Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Which do you think?

  • - Apologize to Native Americans for oppression from white people.

  • - Instead of pardoning a turkey, raise Turkey's flag above the White House.

  • - Nothing. Kenyan Muslims don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

  • - Invite thousands of children to send cards thanking him.

  • - Cancel Thanksgiving and tell people to get back to work.

  • - Blame Bush for this year's dismal Thanksgiving parade.

  • - Travel to NY and petition Macys to move their parade to Chicago.

  • - Tax all pies, ham, and turkeys for their carbon output.

  • (This is all in good fun, don't take it seriously)
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    I think he's going to gobble gobble up my paycheck.

    Dr B said...

    lol nice

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