Happy Anniversary Good Sense!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We can't believe that is has been one whole year since the first Good Sense post went up! So far Good Sense has had 23, 900 hits, is linked by 530 other sites on the internet, and has spawned the spin-offs Good Sense Healthcare and the soon-to-be This is Marriage.

While Who is John Galt and Cura Te Ipsum argue over who's brilliant idea it first was, we're going to give you some of the blog's favorites.

Top 5 most visited articles:

1. Why are So Many Doctors Against Universal Healthcare? By our own doctor-in-residence, Cura Te Ipsum, this article explains why those people who know and care for our healthcare system the most are adamantly opposed to government-run healthcare.

2. Compare Garbage After Tea Party Vs. Obama Inauguration This one was picked up by a few big sites and confirms what all of us already know about the difference between liberals and conservatives.

3. Elder Oaks "Worst Person in the World" Says Keith Olbermann This was a big surprise to most Mormons. They have never heard of Olberman and his elementary school "People I Hate" lists.

4. "Messiah" Obama Book Required Reading in California School Good Sense broke this story about this disturbing book being required reading in all classrooms at a Menlo Park, CA elementary school. We later posted pictures from the book here.

5. "Survivor" On CBS Features Nude Drag-Queen Mormon Thanks to this story, we now get google searches for any combination of "nude" "mormon" and "gay." (Thanks a lot, Dr. B . . . ) No, you don't have to read this one.

Here are some more of our favorites that we think deserve a second look:

If you're still with us and have more time, here are some more posts I liked, but didn't make the final cut:

And finally, a big thank you to all of the blogs that have linked to us. We'll return the favor here:

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I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for the time you put into it!!

cura_te_ipsum said...

Good times.

WIJG, It was MY idea ;)

Dr B said...

Hey, that post about the gay Mormon Survivor contestant was a serious piece of journalism! :P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This has been an eye-opening post that all lovers of our great constitution should read regularly.

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