Gallup Finds Majority Opposes Government Healthcare

Friday, November 13, 2009

The chart shows a sharp drop in support for socialized health care. Will this dispel the phony studies that the media likes to use to prop up Obamacare? Probably not.

Also ignored by the media, Pelosi added $210 billion to Medicare without any way to pay for it in what is known as a doctor fix, in the bill recently passed by the House.


Anonymous said...

That's weird. Just a couple days ago there was a proposal to cut Medicare fees by 21%. Maybe they're just proposing this to get doctors on board even though it may cancel out with this other proposal. Since they've cut physician fees every year in the past by not even keeping up with inflation, maybe this is their way of trying to encourage doctors to treat Medicare patients again. This has been a serious problem for elderly who can't afford supplementals.

I guess the bottom line is the government cannot create a program that works for everybody. They overstep the boundaries of power and pick the winners and losers in this nation instead of letting people who know what they're doing find real solutions.

Looking at the charts I have to wonder what changed in 2007 that made people start to wake up. Maybe they were starting to recognize the problems that come with big government. If you wouldn't want it under Bush, why would you want it under anybody?

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are starting to understand WHY health insurance is escalating! There was no health ins. before WWII to speak of, then gov. froze salaries and benefits were born as a way to attract employees. Gov't & Unions kept negotiating richer plans, which took the patient farther & farther away from experiencing the actual cost, so they overused with no added health benefit. Then AMA created new criteria which cost doctors more for certification and they had to raise prices--then add trial lawyers. So, the gov't, unions, AMA & lawyers--the very people screaming for this new bill, ARE THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO CAUSED PRICES TO ESCALATE!

Anonymous said...

The Gallop article said "The alternatives outlined in this question are not directly a part of the current debate; there has been no serious discussion on the part of those advocating healthcare reform of the possibility of dismantling the current system and turning it into one run completely by the government"

Apparently, no one at Gallop has read the new bill, particularly page 103

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