Abortion From an Embryological Standpoint

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Many pro-choicers claim that abortion isn’t murder because that “little blob” isn’t even human yet. Apparently they've never taken an embryology course.

Based on average ovulation time, a woman does not find out she is pregnant until about 3 weeks into embryonic development (note that the heart begins to beat around this time). She must confirm a positive by going to her doctor and getting a blood test. At this point if she chooses to abort her pregnancy, she makes an appointment with an abortion clinic or hospital to be tested and talk through different abortion options with their doctor. When this occurs, they can set up an abortion appointment.

If the woman has acted quickly, she is about 4-5 weeks into her pregnancy (embryonic age, not gestational age). If she did not schedule those appointments immediately or if she wanted a week or so to think about the abortion, it could be 8 weeks or more that the embryo, now fetus, has been developing. This is significant because the first 3-8 wks of pregnancy are when most development occurs. All the body systems have pretty much been laid down by the 8th week of development i.e. it’s a tiny functioning human. After this, all that basically happens is the fetus gets bigger and the nervous system continues to develop.

3 wks old – heart beats, neurological anatomy, ears, early lungs, liver, arms, mouth gall bladder, urinary passages, spleen and pancreas begin to form
4 wks old – Eyes, nose, legs start and blood flow begins.
5 wks old – feet and hands are visible, lymphatic system begins
6 wks old – hair follicles start, arms and legs begin to move
7-8 wks old – face is formed including tooth buds, intestines rotate, some research suggests pain perception may be possible this early

We have a small human here. To willfully destroy its living, moving, heart beating, blood pumping little body should not be considered a right. It's more like homicide.


As a woman, as a mother, as a human being, abortion is nothing but wrong. I consider myself a feminist, but think that most feminists have entirely lost the vision for equality by degrading femininity's greatest gifts, that of virtue and love- chastity and motherhood. The argument that chastity is demeaning is iteself demeaning. Men should be expected to be chaste too, and therein lies the problem. The feminist argument has gone backward- rather than expecting better from men (for them to be more like us and afford us our human rights) we have been debasing ourselves in arguments for abortion and sexual depravity to become more like the basest of men. Feminists now argue that we should have the right to take away the rights of others through abortion. Is that not taking women and encouraging them to be more like the very people that we became feminists to fight against??

cura_te_ipsum said...

I completely agree with you, Knowledge Czar.

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