What's Wrong with School Choice?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This video includes a censored, swearing puppet, but the point is right on the money. America's schools have by far the most funding in the world but they don't even make the top ten in test scores. Now Obama wants to put kids in school for up to 30% longer. Do liberals really believe that more time and even more money will really help?

The real problem is that since teacher unions are so strong, it is impossible to get rid of bad teachers. An American solution would be to allow students to go to whatever school they want, thereby putting pressure on under-performing schools to shape up or close. But you can bet teacher's unions won't let that happen.



Anonymous said...

Well, they're terrible because they are socialized- I can't afford to send my son to a private school that teaches him values, the Constitution, divine design, etc because then I'd be paying twice considering education is already being funded by my tax money, so... what then am I to conclude then except that the socialization of our school system has led to all of this indoctrination and de- moralization of the masses? See this video of an ex-KGB officer explaining how we have set ourselves up for Communism in the States through the socialization of our school system and the liberalization of universities- this video is from 1985.

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