Video: Anita Dunn does stand-up comedy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The White House communications director Anita Dunn said she was just making innocent jokes when she praised communist leader Mao Tse-tung as one of her favorite political philosophers which she turns to most.

By yours truly.


Anonymous said...

She's not funny. She's insane. And to talk about Mao as someone to be admired in front of a graduating class of high schoolers is disgusting!! Chances are, if they were like me at that age they were not taught the evils of Mao in high school so they had no idea what she was saying. Now their only knowlegde of him is that he should be admired. INSANITY and a terrible mind-numbing political move toward teaching the rising generation to adore Communism!! I'm lucky to have a husband that knows the history of Asia better than he knows the history of Europe (which I am the expert in) so he can help me teach our kids about the Chinese Communist take-over and Tiananmen Square and the MILLIONS of people that were massacred in China under Mao. History in high school teaches about Hitler, and neglects to teach that he has a SOCIALIST. History in high school neglects to teach that there were far worse genocides happening in Asia under totalitarian regimes and COMMUNISTS. They even forget to talk about the genocide in Russia. Who is operating the strings to teach this rising generation to admire murderers, dictators, and Communists who seek to make SLAVES out of us all????

PersonalFailure said...

You mean like all those times John McCain quoted Mao?

Because only a radical revolutionary would quote Mao Zedong once, let alone over and over.


The WWS: “How you doin’ Senator?”

McCain: “You know Michael, in the words of Chairman Mao, it’s always darkest before it’s totally black…(laughing)


Despite the meltdown of his near-bankrupt campaign, McCain showed no outward signs of despair–not even when one reporter impishly asked him whether we have a better chance of winning in Iraq than he does at winning the nomination. I braced for a flash of McCain’s famous temper, but instead he just chuckled. “In the words of Chairman Mao, it’s always darkest before it’s black,” McCain cracked.


“I think we had some difficulties and righted the ship,” McCain told Letterman. “For a while there, I was reminded of the words of Chairman Mao, who said it’s always darkest before it’s totally black.”

And just five days ago,

While McCain said he could not predict what would happen in the next presidential election, the Arizona Republican says he is open to many potential nominees for his party — including Palin.

“Look let’s let a thousand flowers bloom. Let’s come up with a winning combination the next time. … let’s all go through the process, rather than condemning anybody’s chances,” he says, reacting to recent comments about Palin by Schmidt.

Anonymous said...

It's okay- I quoted Hitler a few days ago: "What luck for the rulers that men do not think."

Anonymous said...

McCain shames the Republican party and I didn't vote for him so don't try to use him as arsenal. I didn't vote for Anita Dunn either--oh wait, I couldn't. That appointment totally bypassed the American people and the proper election process.

Anonymous said...

This woman is crazy! She didn't just quote Mao because he said something clever. No, she took it to a whole new level in saying that he was one of her "favorite philosophers". And clearly she was not "joking". She is saying that in hopes that it will be picked up be people who haven't actually watched the video. Thanks for posting it so we can all see the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'm the person with the 1st and 3rd comments, and I never liked McCain either, and I'm not a Republican, but making this a partisan debate is EXACTLY what this administration wants because it detracts from the fact that Obama has surrounded himself by Marxist czars. Red flag... Get it??? Red??? :o)

Dr B said...

The issue isn't quoting Mao. It's calling him your favorite political philosopher that you turn to most.

McCain never did that. He just isn't comical enough.

Dr B said...

btw, thanks for all your comments you leave, Personal Failure. I really mean that. I think your points are always valid and interesting. We should look at why John McCain quoted Mao, as you said.

and you look like you might be cute.

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