Safe School Czar's Inspirational Figure: "Thank you, NAMBLA”

Friday, October 23, 2009

Barack Obama's safe school czar Kevin Jennings praised NAMBLA figure Harry Hay (North American Man/Boy Love Association), calling him "one of the people that’s always inspired me." He praised the "million people willing to travel to Washington to join" Hay in a march for boy/man sexual rights, and asserted that if Harry Hay is crazy "we are all crazy."

Harry Hay gave keynote speeches to the Man/Boy Love Association, in which he talked about how great it was as a teenager to have sex with much older men.

He published a promotional on the back of Witchhunt Foiled: The FBI vs. NAMBLA which was exposed by Zombie Times in the photo seen here. The last line reads: "Thank you, NAMBLA, for giving me the space to express my appreciation for your travail.” The inside cover reaffirms NAMBLA's mission to bring together "men and boys involved in consensual sexual and emotional relationships with each other."
The promotional is alongside other promotionals by pro-pedophilists like Pat Califia.


In 1988 Safe-schools Czar Kevin Jennings condoned child rape and child molestation as a school counselor, according Jennings' own writings and other allegations. Jennings wrote that he had simply told a 16 year old student that he should use a condom when having sex with older men.


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing that has my jaw on the floor- I have always said, "What brought down the Roman Empire? What did they do that was so bad that we aren't doing yet?" The answer to that question that always came back to me was men having sex with boys. Why? First of all it is praising victimization by disgusting pedophiles!! Secondly, because it teaches moral depravity and destroys family structure and teaches the next generation to do it to the next generation and so on until there is no moral compass left to be found, and where there is no moral compass there is no moral government. The family structure is vital to a civilization's perpetuation. I am ASTONISHED that we are going there. I am SHOCKED!!!

Jess said...

Disgusting. Totally disgusting. And wrong.

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