Rifqa Barry had request for lawyer denied during police questioning

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Florida judge sentenced Christian convert Rifqa Barry to her death, sending her back to her Islamic parents whom she claims threatened to kill her.

The underage girl was allegedly threatened and sexually assaulted by her family. CAIR and the media got involved and... well... our government becomes impotent when that happens. She was questioned for three hours by police without any Guardian ad litem present. But CAIR was.

Atlas Shrugged has the interview with police.

Rifqa said: "Uh, I am sorry but aren't I supposed to have like lawyers here or anything like that."

Police reply: "You're the victim (chuckle)"


Anonymous said...

So who is being protected? It makes no sense.

PersonalFailure said...

(a) You are not guaranteed the right to a lawyer unless you are being charged with a crime. Victims and witnesses have no right to an attorney.

(b) There is no evidence that Rifqa is in any danger. If her father is such a fundamentalist that he would murder her for converting, why did he allow her to prance around half naked as a cheerleader?

Anonymous said...

She isn't guaranteed a lawyer, but she needs protection. She just wanted protection. Don't laugh at someone who is a victim and is fumbling in fear and asks for the wrong kind of protection. She wants a lawyer so that her friends and teachers can help her prosecute her father who had been beating her and threatened to kill her. Is that so wrong???

(a)Her parents didn't know about the fact that she was a cheerleader. She hid it from them.

(b)Her father had been beating her for small offenses like being too loud and slouching ever since she was little in Sri Lanka.

(c) When her father found out that she loved Jesus he said he would kill her.

(d)The school had been noting bruising on her repeatedly.

(e)It's Sharia Law that he kill her. He is devout and his community is pushing him to do it.

Anonymous said...

Personal Failure,
The father did NOT know that she was "prancing around half naked". She wore pants and full length shirt when she was around him. I hate to think of what he would have done if he'd found out before she got away.

And why are you making excuses for people who have physically abused a girl?

Dr B said...

He didn't allow her to dance around half naked as a cheerleader. He didn't know about it, Rifqa says.

Dr B said...

It was my understanding that when a minor asks for representation or a parent, they need to give it. Guess I was wrong. In any case it is very unethical.

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