Pelosi on constitutionality of Obamacare: "Are you serious?"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yes Pelosi, we are serious

via CNS

The Healthcare Bill Exceeds $1 Trillion, but I'm sure we can spend our way out of debt.


Anonymous said...

If it was there, if any welfare programs were allowed under the contitution that forced the citizenry to provide for others through mandatory taxation, she would have said ANYTHING other than, "are you serious?" Well I'm pretty serious about my rights and my constitution and it does say that the government nor any other person has a right to my personal property, and under the constitution no person has the right to take away my money and give it to someone else, but welfare programs do just that. I don't have the money to send my kids to private schools because I've already been taxed to send other kids and my kids to public school. I would pay twice. I can't afford to give as much money to charity as I would like because it is being taken from me through taxation to support welfare programs that are being run extremely poorly. We would be far better off without big government in our faces telling us what we can and cannot do. The people are still fundamentally good- they will take care of their own poor if left alone and not overly taxed. If we wanted someone to dictate to us what he have to do, such as purchase health insurance we would have gotten ourselves a king or a dictator. But honestly, I think we may have just that- elected dictators. They are not listening to the people, and those who love them so much are extremely naive!! They have no idea what they are talking about even though they think they are so educated. I am educated. I think for myself. I learned how awesome socialism would be in school from my foolish professors. Marxism is a theory that assumes that all men are good and none would usurp power and enslave the masses. Wake up and realize that this is the real world. History is on my side. Who wants the masses to have no personal property rights but those who are trying to take power?!!!

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