Obamacare propaganda drug companies caught in deceptive marketing

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The media falsely accused that opponents are getting paid by healthcare insurance companies. Just today MSNBC falsely insinuated that Joe Lieberman is on the role.

But the dirty truth is that drug companies pay for Democrats' public option healthcare propaganda.

These same pharmaceutical companies have been caught "engaging in a number of deceptive marketing practices." You won't see the media report this.


Anonymous said...

You can't trust MSNBC on anything. They're just GE- one of the only companies that is being protected by the administration, one that received stimulus money but somehow is not having to cut its salaries like all of the other big companies that received stimulus money. It's a corporate scam. MSNBC is GE's clever new lobbying format. They give the administration whatever coverage is positive, and they get what they want from legislation/ stimuli, etc. It's obvious and shameless.

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