Obama Needs To Nationalize Taco Bell Now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Associated Press discovered that Taco Bell generates more profit than the healthcare insurance industry. So does Taco Bell get to stay in business? All they do is take money and give some back in the form of deep fried food. That is called stealing!

To defend this type of wealth distribution is very unamerican. More precious than healthcare is food, it is the most basic thing needed to live. Obama needs to nationalize food.

I am outraged that Taco Bell gets to poison the public with trans fats and spicy food, often leading to diarrhea. Just one tiny taco has 4 grams of trans fats.

Taco Bell pays minimum wage to minority poor hardworking people whose human rights deserve higher wages and benefits. Studies show the government would more than triple their wages and cut costs by slashing corruption.

Taco Bell refuses to serve people who don't have enough money to pay for food. What gives them that right? People who can't afford food are the people who need food the most!

Taco Bell may raise their prices at any time, effectively depriving all minorities of delicious tacos, leaving people to starve. We need laws that prevent this from happening. Taco Bell must not be able to withhold services from people with preconditions.

Taco Bell often contributes to big politicians, probably in exchange for favors. For example, Joseph Davis from Taco Bell just made a fat contribution to the AIRCRAFT OWNERS AND PILOTS ASSOCIATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE. Strage bed-fellows? The truth is, Taco Bell regularly intimidates political opponents and spreads massive smear campaigns against people seeking progressive reform.

Taco Bell may refuse to service anyone at any time. If someone can't speak English or Spanish, Taco Bell is likely to hold back their precious commodity, leaving that person to starve. This is just wrong.

Taco Bell provides the most essential commodity in any society: food. Millions of people starve in America every year because Taco Bell refuses to be good human beings and share to those in need. For the sake of our children, Obama needs to immediatly stop this crime against humanity!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! Dirty Capitalists providing only those with money with delicious food. It's just wrong!! :oP

cura_te_ipsum said...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good points! If we are entitled to free healthcare then why not free food, too? Most of us live better without gov. healthcare, but not without food!!!! What gives?

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