Marxist hero Slavoj Žižek praises Obama healthcare: "If you can get power, grab it!"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Slavoj Žižek is a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, Columbia, London Consortium, Princeton, The New School, the University of Minnesota, the University of California, Irvine and the University of Michigan. New York Times praised him as the "Elvis of cultural theory." Right now Zizek is in New York preaching socialized healthcare is a series of lectures.

Revolutionary Road quoted him in an interview:

I am a Leninist. Lenin wasn't afraid to dirty his hands. If you can get power, grab it. Do whatever is possible. This is why I support Obama. I think the battle he is fighting now over healthcare is extremely important, because it concerns the very core of the ruling ideology. The core of the campaign against Obama is freedom of choice. And the lesson, if he wins, is that freedom of choice is certainly something beautiful, but that it only works against a background of regulations, ethical presuppositions, economic conditions and so on. My position isn't that we should sit down and wait for some big revolution to come. We have to engage wherever we can. If Obama wins his battle over healthcare, if some kind of blow can be struck against the ideology of freedom of choice, it will have been a victory worth fighting for.


Anonymous said...

Again, I'm not surprised. The only thing that surprises me is how naive people are- thinking that they might actually want to live in the kind of world these people want to create for us. NAIVE!!

simon said...

You can't even bring up this quote without explaining what exactly Zizek means by the "ideology of the freedom of choice." He explains himself here:

Frankly, by presenting a quote without any analysis, you give away the foregone conclusions you make based upon your ideology. Treating a piece of evidence as self-evident (especially a fragment of a larger idea as you've quoted above) is a sign that you see the world through exactly the ideological frameworks which Zizek talks about. I think that the Zizek interview should help explain what I mean.

Liberal Thinker said...

What irony that a blog with the slogan "'Tis right, politically, for a man who has influence to use it" is criticizing the ironic quotation "If you can get power, grab it." I am less shocked by your shadowy editorializing, since it is merely representative of your ideology's constituency, I am shocked that you are ACTUALLY stupid enough to post this on a blog that has the above quote plastered in Ye Old a-thus-it-must-be-legitimate English right above it. This undoubtedly qualifies as a "mindless insult" because communists are all mindless.

I am less optimistic than the above commenter because I don't think anyone, let alone you, will visits the above link to see Zizek speak. You will probably be the first to instantly write-off his argument because of his lack of superficial appeal, nor do I expect you to actually understand it.

Just watched a Glenn Beck clip, feeling a little more than agitated. This is the exact same simple brainwash that he applies to his corporate narrative, you are exploiting your readers coincidental and unintentional ignorance as an opportunity to fill in your ideology.

We need an Ed Morrow to challenge this decades McCarthy. Not in the name of my ideology and especially not yours. In the name of human rationality and intelligence, this Reagan era pseudo-journalism and insinuative coercion and brainwash has to stop. Don't be a representative of this. Have you no sense of decency, sir? I urge you to find it.

Oooo... looks like we hit a nerve here in liberal academia. Let's review...

Liberal troll: You totally misrepresented my communist idol's comment. If you where only brain-washed like me to believe that true freedom of choice can only be found in totalitarianism…

My Response: Yeah, you keep on believing that...I'll stick with reality.

2nd Liberal Troll: How dare you criticize my communist idol's clear encouragement for Obama to unconstitutionally seize power when you yourself are trying to influence people's ideology through online journalism. Have you no decency.

My Response: Uh-huh... so are you admitting that Obama's efforts to seize power by going beyond his constitutional powers as president are failing in comparison to conservative grassroots protests and blogs? Wow, that must really piss you off.

2nd Liberal Troll: You should really read my communist idol's stuff. It's great.

My Response: I don't think so. See my first response.

2nd Liberal Troll: I don't like Glenn Beck or his viewers. I think they’re all idiots.

My Response: And they feel the same way about you. But that's what makes America so great: you don't have the right to shut us up.

2nd Liberal Troll: We need to shut all your criticisms about communism down, just like Reagan needed to be shut down [because he called communism what it is, an evil system, and brought it down around the world, most notably the USSR]. How can you possibly hate my beloved communist ideals?

My Response: You have just shown us all why your thinking is utterly un-American and has no place in a democracy: you cannot stand that someone believes something different than you and want to silence your opponents by force. I will use all of my influence to reveal your true beliefs and intentions to the nations. I will proudly represent free speech, SIR, and you will have to take that God-given right from me at the point of a gun.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Zizek, as a good Leninist, would support Obama's healthcare plan which did nothing to centralize power into the hands of the State (as it should have) but instead pushed a far right agenda of empowering the Capitalist healthcare providers and enforcing our consumption of their product. Zizek was naive to think that it was the right who was pushing a false ideology of "freedom of choice" when it was Obama who, all along, worked to eliminate the public option and contain his base. Where was the talk of real universal healthcare? Nowhere.
Zizek is a just dead wrong here. I opposed Obama for precisely the reason Zizek said he supported him.

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