Levi Johnston: Worst.Father.Ever

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In a world so plagued by teenage pregnancies and children growing up without fathers, you would think the media would promote responsible fatherhood. Unfortunately, their desire to "get Sarah Palin" out weighs any sense of moral responsibility.

This commercial for "Wonderful" pistachios makes fun of Levi Johnston getting Bristol, Sarah Palin's daughter, pregnant and says "[Talking about his nuts,] Now Levi Johnston does it with protection." Katie Connolly at Newsweek calls the commercial "amusing."

It is amazing to me how a terrible situation like a teen pregnancy with the father skipping out can be called "amusing" and made the butt of jokes in the media. It is also amazing to me that Levi can be such an idiot not to see that the only reason he is getting the publicity opportunities he is is so media outlets can smear Palin with what a terrible father he is.


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