John Stewart Ridicules CNN

Thursday, October 15, 2009

In another surprising show, John Stewart, the typically liberal comedian, ridicules CNN for:

  • Ignoring the 2 million Tea Party protest in DC on 9/12

  • "Fact-checking" the SNL skit ridiculing Obama for accomplishing nothing so far
  • Airing guests who obviously make up wild statistics on the spot
  • Admitting they have not checked on the facts and statistics they report

Of course, to be fair he does systematically reject the "slippery slope" to socialized medicine argument of the conservatives (though he didn't give a good reason why).

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So why do you think John Stewart has dared to touch the "hush-hush" corruption of the liberal media: first ACORN and now CNN? Intellectual honesty? Opportunism? He doesn't want to be drug down with them is their fall to oblivion?


Anonymous said...

That was funny :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well, they're clumsy enough with their bias and inability to see what's there that they're being called out about it. Thanks for posting.

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