Rep. Joe Wilson Courageously Calls Out Obama's Lies

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pelosi's face is priceless!

The Associated Press calls it "nastiness... as President Barack Obama tried to move his health care plan forward."
AP gives a quick summary of a few other lies Obama told in his speech. They don't explain that while Obama's plan may allow some people to keep their insurance carriers now, they will be pretty much forced to have government insurance within five years.

The Associated Press ignores this little gem of a lie. Obama's number of uninsured magically went from 47 million to 30 million... I suppose the difference is supposed to be the illegal aliens he just now cut out of it?


BlackTsunami said...

Regardless of what you feel, it was disrespectful for Rep. Wilson to do what he did. You are giving him props but I think in the long run, what he did will backfire. It makes all Republicans look ugly and shrill.

Dr B said...

AP is already spinning it that way. You do make a point.

Anonymous said...

Quick; what do the letters USSR mean? That's right, Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. How does the Cuban government refer to it's policies? PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISM. Wake up America, BHO, his colleagues, associates, friends, and the people he is filling his administration with are COMMUNISTS.

I think it is also a valid point that if people are allowed to verbally show their support for President Obama, they should be allowed to verbally disagree. And then there is the point that Obama WAS lying. Even ABC agrees with that.

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