Racist School Beating Caught On Tape

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update! Police now say it "may not be racially motivated." Sure, because the victim was white. Liberal America, folks!

No seats left on the bus, so white kid must sit next to black kid. Black kids don't like it so they start beating white kid. Bus driver does nothing, all the other students cheer.

I expect a statement from Obama any minute now...


PersonalFailure said...

So your concern isn't that some poor kid got beaten up, or simmering racial tensions in the US, it's scoring points against Obama? You're something.

Dr B said...

I really am something, aren't I? Expecting the president to say something about racism against whites as well as black. Obama is both after all... But of course this wasn't my biggest concern. Obviously. That's why I only said it at the bottom of my post.

Anonymous said...

So much for reversed integration.

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