Looks Like The Psychologist Who Got Phillip Garrido Released Wants Drugs Legalized

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You've probably heard about the California man who got out of prison 25 years early for kidnapping and raping a little girl, who went out and captured and tortured another little girl for 18 years, fathering two children with her.

Prison psychologist J.B. Kiehlbach was instrumental in his early release, telling the parole board that “prognosis for successful transition into the community is considered very good,” and the likelihood that Garrido would commit more crimes was “minimal.”

According to neighbors, Garrido called himself a prophet, and said God spoke to him through a box. And then there's that whole 18 years of raping and torturing little girls thing...

Turns out that one John B. Kiehbauch now lives in Riverdale, Georgia. Is it the same guy? I don't know, but the name is quite a coincidence. This guy also appears to be a prison psychologist. He wrote Breaking the Cycle of violence (which ironically calls for prevention by finding those likely to commit violence) and Selected changes over time in internal-external expectancies in a reforma tory population.

He signed the Resolution for a Federal Commission on Drug Policy petition which wanted to "reduce" the nation's "criminal approach" on drug users so that they could be "treated with medical and social solutions" "for the relief of pain and suffering of patients."

This is very interesting, considering marijuana and LSD were blamed as the reason Garrido did it the first time. The sentencing judge agreed his “life was in a crash course” because of drugs. His own father said LSD made him "absolutely out of his mind."

This so-called psychologist also testifies that transendental meditation techniques rehabilitate prisoners. They bring "personalityand autonomic changes in prisoners" inlcuding "increased physiological stability and Psychological adaptability" and "decreased social introversion." Perfect example of what the loony "legalize pot" crowd is really about, giving monsters some meditation lessons and calling it good!

Who were the members of the federal parole commision who enabled Garrido to commit his unthinkable crime, and other similar cases?

Cameron M. Batjer- Chairman, previously chief justice of the Nevada Supreme Court
Benjamin F. Baer- served on President John F. Kennedy's Juvenile Delinquency Commission.
Victor M.F. Reyes
Carol Pavilack Getty- Served as Chairman, instrumental in Jim Bakker's unfair imprisonment.
Vincent J. Fechtel, Jr.
Helen G. Corrothers
Daniel Raul Lopez
Jasper R. Clay, Jr.
Saundra Brown Armstrong- on the United States District Court
George MacKenzie Rast
John R. Simpson


PersonalFailure said...

Portugal entirely legalized drugs. Now their rates of addiction are well below ours, and well below what they used to be in their country.

Personal Failure, does that really make any sense to you? According to your logic, if we handed out razor blades among grade schoolers we would have a great reduction in school yard injuries. When thinking about where you stand on political issues, it's always a good idea to use logic.

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