Obamacare Supporter from MoveOn.Org Bites Off Protester's Finger

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More violence from the left at a moveon.org meeting praising socialized healthcare.

The suspect is a 40 yr old white male.


PersonalFailure said...

And you know what's ironic about this story? The gentlemen in question, protesting against government run health insurance has Medicare: government run health insurance. He got to keep his finger because the government provides him with health care.

cura te ipsum said...

Personal Failure,
First, it is unlikely that he was able to keep his finger as this was a human bite and the likelihood of infection and rejection is very high. You might want to re-check your facts on that.
Second, whether he has Medicare or not is irrelevant because he would have received care anyway. The ER does not turn patients away for lack of insurance.
Third, because he did have Medicare, that hospital is going to be reimbursed 20-30% less than if a private company or supplemental is used.
Fourth, the ironic part of this story and your comment is who actually did end up paying for his care.

It's amazing to me how little liberals understand about how our healthcare works. And economics too... If I were a politician I would spend an entire townhall educating my constituents on these things.

Brenda said...

This does not surprise me, the left always are unruly or violent at protests! When they made a big deal about the man at one of the other protest carrying an AK 47, they at once blamed the anti Obama Health care crowd, turned out that in the interview he was a black man, who supported the President's plan, he was just standing on the wrong side. Mistake, I don't think so. I think that he was trying to intimidate those protesters with his little gun. Oh well, it did not work! But that is the left's way to try to intimidate and confront us, not to debate the issues, just brute force! We will not back down, we are wide awake on this one!

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