Compare Garbage After Tea Party Vs. Obama Inauguration

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama inauguration left over 100 tons of trash on the ground:

The 2 million man Tea Party left about 0 trash:

UPDATE! We found a picture of trash from the protest!!!

[images: erin m on flickr, constitutionallyspeaking]

More photos here. (Gatewaypundit)


Anonymous said...

More than 4 million people attended the inauguration; the trash was gone within hours.

Your 2 million number has been widely debunked, even by your precious Michelle Malkin.

Finally, the 70,000 people who attended the rally did, in fact, leave plenty of trash. It's still all over the city, in fact.

Not to mention the fact that you're comparing two Mall shots, when yesterday's protest didn't take place on the mall--try visiting Freedom Plaza today to see where the protesters gathered and where their trash still sits.

beetlebabee said...

Wow, that's an incredible contrast. It's about more than trash isn't it? The whole thing is just so symbolic of the bigger picture.

The Liberal Democrat says 1.5-2 million.

The People Meter on Penn Ave had read 450,000 by noon, and 1.5 million two hours later. That's just one street.

"1 DC police officer, who told her, “I’ve been here 20 years and this is the largest crowd I’ve ever seen.”"

1.2 million, says Parks and Recreation, 1.5 million say D.C. police

Time-lapsed video of DC protest numbers:

Anonymous said...

I know your type aren't big on math or things like facts, but no, you're still wrong.

2 million people would have shut down the Metro system. They would have stretched for miles. More than one street would have been impassable. That simply didn't happen on Saturday, as much as you'd like to believe. The DC Police do not give official estimates of crowds at protests. No one does, actually. What you're seeing is wishful thinking; the cop who hasn't seen a bigger crowd in 20 years is either a figment of the writer's imagination, or he hasn't worked any of the other countless protests in this city over that time.


and here: Scroll down to the bottom to see the part where the organizers flat-out lied to you:

BlackJack43 said...

By all means focus on the numbers not the contrast between the photos. Also, I was watching it live and saw a crowd that did stretch out from the Capitol down the Mall, so the protest did happen on the Mall as well as all around the Capitol. I don't believe that there was zero trash after the rally, but based on the photos, there is an obvious difference in who preaches taking care of the planet and who practices.

Anonymous said...

I'd believe that for a second if the Internet weren't too busy today debunking all the crowd-estimate photographs being distributed by you people. In reality, the crowd hit third street. That's the Capitol grounds, not the Mall. And the photo above was taken at least a block away, facing AWAY from where the protesters spent their few hours.

And that's another point--A FEW HOURS. Saturday's protesters spent fewer than six hours on the mall in the middle of the summer. Inaugural visitors lined up the night before in sub-freezing temperatures. Obviously there's going to be more trash generated and more provisions brought by the people who settled in for over a day. And, again, the inaugural trash was cleaned up within hours.

Nice try, though. So when are you going to come back and clean up your trash?

Anonymous said...

This phenomenon is seen over and over again. The Democrat convention of the pretentious Greek temple was particularly disturbing with little American flags trashed.

Clearly there is plenty of trash to throw out yet in Washington come 2010 and 2012.

Al Reaganite said...

Anonymous is missing the point. Summer/winter, inauguration/TEA Party, 6 hours/30 hours doesn't matter. More trash was left by them in Janurary than those in September. That is just as disrespectful to the American People as a President who is virtually never on time. Good planning by the PARK SERVICE is what got it cleaned up so fast. They didn't plan on all the real Americans showing up this time so that is why you're tripping over garbage today(DC is after all such an immaculately clean city). normally).

Anonymous said...

Actually, the park service didn't clean up after the inauguration. Organizers and volunteers cleaned up--see what a a little planning can do? The park service is too underfunded to bother with upkeep of the National Mall, because you yahoos keep screaming every time someone in Congress tries to toss a little bit of money their way.

Again, go back to the size: of course 70,000 people are going to generate less trash than 2 million. I'm not sure how to make that any clearer.

Your inability to grasp simple, logical facts seems to extend to all aspects of your political thought.

Anonymous (the liberal one), I deleted one of your comments because you used vulgarity (please read the warning above the next comment you write on this blog). You're also breaking the "mindless insults" part, but I'll let that slide for now. Please learn how to make your opinion known without sounding like a potty-mouthed schoolyard bully.

Anonymous said...

I was there for 12 hours and I saw NO trash except garbage cans with overflow as close as people could get. I've seen 70,000 people at Yankee stadium and that was a drop in the bucket compared to the crowds I saw there...easily over a million, without a doubt. It doesn't matter though...WE THE PEOPLE know the real truth...

Anonymous said...

I was there. And that wasn't 70,000 people. One police officer told my husband there were WAY more people than they expected, and the METRO...well, it did get overloaded, and delays happened the whole time.

You will believe whatever you want to believe, but those of us that were there, we know others, they know we aren't liars, or bigots, or anarchists. They will now know what the media is doing, because they will believe us. We are their neighbors and their friends.

We stood at the Capitol for an hour and half while the flow of people from Pennsylvania avenue NEVER stopped.

Anonymous said...

I walked almost 1/4 mile to even find a trash canon 9/12. You would think that extra trash cans would have been in place with this large number of people in attendance.

TKZ said...

Awesome post!! I love the contrast between those who profess to love the earth and those of us who really do, and quietly. My recycle bin has as much in it as my trash bin. I was taught by my extremely conservative parents to leave everywhere I go more beautiful than when I got there. The Bible tells us to take care of the earth and yet I'm accused of being an earth-hater because I'm not a liberal. Just another case of false logic, and false morality.

Mike M. said...

Hey, there's really no point arguing about the numbers because liberals will stay in denial even as they are being crushed by the shear weight of a re-awakened America. It's in their nature, part of their mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

Look for overhead shots of the teaparty and the inauguration and you will find they are pretty similiar in area consumed. Only difference was the Tea party people respected the history and the city more than those who attended the inauguration. I was at the tea party in DC on 9/12 and I too, have attended huge events. This was bigger than anything I have ever seen. You had to have been there to hear the Fire Dept estimate and then announce 1.5 million and still backed up to 8th street. Not exactly sure on the 8th..that is the street name I thought I heard. I dont care if there were 5 billion people at the Obama inauguration, you can pick up your stinking garbage when you leave.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't what the truth is about how many people were at the protest but wonder how people can be so intellectually dishonest when trying to prove they are right independent of what side of the issue. One person says 4 million people we at Obama attempting to be sworn in and then the next comment says that the Obama protest could not have had 2 million because it would have shut down the Metro. I am an American first and we should try to find solutions instead of trying to WIN the argument. We can agree to disagree on some things but we cannot disagree that we must follow the Constitution or it will not be long before the fall of our beloved Republic. Bigger government is definitely not the answer. The Founding Fathers warned us but we never heard them because the schools don't teach it,

Anonymous said...


Dr B said...


That castle-like structure is the Smithsonian. Sorry for being evil.

Anonymous said...

This illustrates at the most fundamenal level, the stark difference between the Liberal vs Conservative philosphies:

"Someone needs to clean up this mess!" vs "This is a mess, I will clean it up!"

"My neighbor is in need, someone (the Government) needs to help them." vs "My neighbor is in need, I must help them."

This got me wondering whether there might be a statistical correlation between people's political proclivity and their tendency toward charitable giving. It was no big surprise when I found that 28 of the 29 most chartible States (measured in terms of state resident's charitiable giving)voted for the conservative candidate in a recent Presidential election. Check it out:

That's right! Apparently, those compassionate liberals who are constatly reminding us how much they care about the needy, apparently are willing to do precious little when it comes to giving of their own time or their own money

Anonymous said...

"Forgive Them Father, for they know not what they do."

Anonymous said...

" (measured in terms of state resident's charitiable giving)"

Easy to concoct those numbers when the IRS definition of "charity" extends to groups that spend all their donations on themselves. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

You mean like ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Unions, etc? Oh, except those organizations are mostly supported by tax money, not charitable donation.

Anonymous said...

I don't recycle and I refuse to
since I worked for a week or so
in a recycle center and saw some
things that were recyclable go into
What is the cost of those recycle bins
and so on? Where is the money funneled to?

Unknown said...

All this protesting makes me wonder how much of it will go
by the wayside of just getting used to it. Much like getting used to not smoking in a bar and other outlawed comforts of being an American. Think back I'm sure you'll recall many things that have been protested "ATM fees ring a bell" now just a part of everyday life.

If you like your freedom thank a Veteran if you miss your freedom thank a Liberal

No One Is Listening To You said...

Regardless of the number of people that came to each event, it's apparent that liberals are generally pigs. They think somebody owes them something so they don't have to take care of themselves or clean up after themselves. They have no pride in this country, it's all about what you can give me and what I should have. And the really sad thing is that they breed and then raise their kids to be the same.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, this site was called Good Sense Politics, so shouldn't you libiots be going now? It doesn't matter how many people there were OR how much trash was left (Which I guarantee was less by the TP), your Dem Congress and savior of a president has royally "trashed" this country (excuse the pun). ANYONEELSE & Whoeverhewants '12

Anonymous said...

Its the attitude difference. The tea party mindset did not want to place the burden of picking up after them on someone else. You see this in thier attitude. They typically don't want someone else to have to cary thier weight. Converley the Obama mindset is selfishness. The attituide of I'm special someone should take care of me and clean up after me. Iv'e seen this in roomates as well.

wed said...


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