Class Warfare in America

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AIG execs, doctors, town hall meeting goers, tea party grassroots, bankers, CEOs, the nations wealthiest, etc. What do these people all have in common? Obama and congressional Democrats have publically demonized each of these groups to forward their agenda. Obama promised to heal America of her divisive politics, but he has done more to turn the "have's" and "have-not's" against each other than any other president.

So. What's the big deal? The big deal is that class warfare is a serious thing. It has killed more people than all of the wars in human history. Obama is playing with fire in a hay shed when he incites the public to violence against certain groups that oppose him.

My friend John wrote this chilling article revealing the devastation that class warfare has caused in the past and why our nation is in danger of it today:

Class Warfare Threat

By John Hutchinson

Class Warfare. It sounds so abstract and alien to the American structure we all live by. To most of us it is just another catch phrase tossed about by the fringe left. After all every few years they dream up another such phrase. Social Justice is another one. But what is Class Warfare really? How can any American rich or poor, white or black, ignorant or educated really know what Class Warfare is and what it means to anyone who has lived through it or with it for any period of time.

Americans occasionally get a glimpse of Class Warfare. We watch it in the form of genocide in some far off lands like Darfur, Sudan and Rwanda and Russia in the form of peasant revolts. It also happens in the Baltic Nations between religious and ethnic groups. Closer to home we remember the LA Riots, racial strife and discrimination against one American over another for no other reason that differences in color, language, religion or political beliefs. But these sporadic examples are infrequent and result in little loss of life. And there is always a pressure relief valve built into relieving the pressure by allowing one group to move away or seek legal protection. As a result the vast majority of Americans do not understand the signs of Class Warfare nor the danger lying just under its surface. Like a small child we go about our lives day to day next to the water’s edge never wondering what lies just beneath the surface.

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Few Americans are aware that Class Warfare has claimed more lived than all the wars combined in the last one hundred years. Wars are fought by armies controlled by generals serving political leaders. Armies clash and soldiers die. But generals know when to retreat, to disengage from the fight. Political leaders know when to admit defeat and end the war. But there are no generals or political leaders to control the armies in Class Warfare for there are no soldiers to obey any order to withdraw. Once Class Warfare begins there is no means to stop it. Like a wildfire it will consume all fuel in its path in the form of human life and the civilized structure that supports it.

So what is Class Warfare really? It is when one group within a civilized society turns on another for its own survival or continued existence. It is always based upon untruths and false perceptions. The vast majority of times it is intentionally brought about by the very governmental leaders that are responsible for preventing it. It has purpose and a desired outcome but the true purpose is hidden away under a blanket of lies and deception. And as history later teaches those who wish to know the real reason is nothing more than a grasp for more power by the leadership of the country or regain. But again few Americans can grasp what this means if it occurred here. Or when it will occur amongst each of us.

Imagine Class Warfare on the street of American today. Our political leaders result to blaming one portion of Americans for the plight of another group. The president points his finger at one group in accusing them of victimizing their fellow citizens. Other political leaders accuse people of the same group of belonging to radical political parties, of being racist, and criminal in nature. When our leaders blame a minority of Americans for the plight of the majority they are playing with Class Warfare. And when the political leader’s plans fail they also blame the minority group for that as well. What will happen if those who are lied to believe they are being victimized by the minority group and decide to take action into their own hands? We live in a Cosmos. It is Latin for order. But when a society breaks down and submits to Class Warfare our world no longer has order. The Latin word for this is Chaos.

Class Warfare in America can occur today, tonight or tomorrow. All it takes is direction and purpose. If our leadership incites rage in one group against another it can occur at any time and place. Once it starts there will be no stopping it. Law and Order will breakdown within the first few days. No authority will be able to contain it let alone stop it. Like to pitched battle hidden behind a curtain of dust kicked up in the struggle no one will know who is winning or how to stop it. Lives and property will be consumed by it and there will be no one to stop it. And the innocent will be the first victims.

I watch our leadership on the news and listen to their words and accusations and I shudder. I rage inside at their self induced stupidity and mindless greed for power and purpose that give them the self justified reasons for treading on the thin sheet of ice covering the body of water that Class Warfare hides beneath. Do they have any idea how dangerous their words and accusations are to the very citizens they are sworn to serve and protect? No they do not. Not the rank and file of them. But I have no doubt that some of them know exactly what they are doing and just how close they are to that water’s edge.

Americans live in a world of ignorance to Class Warfare! And this is a wonderful thing but at the same time dangerous. Wonderful in that our past leaders have kept us safe in a very volatile world where Class Warfare claims the lives of millions all in the name of raw power for a few. Dangerous in that we fail to recognize Class Warfare and when our political leadership is tugging at its chain.

Class Warfare in America will bleed our country dry. If it starts it will be the deaths of millions and America will never recover from it. We, as Americans cannot allow this to happen. We must do what is required to shed light on what our leadership is toying at.

In Rwanda over one million men women and children were butchered for no other reason than they belonged to a separate tribe than that of the country’s leadership. In Russia in the early 1920’s the Bolsheviks incited one class of peasant to turn on another class of peasant. Millions of men, women and children were murdered in the most horrible fashion simple because they had one too many milk cows in their barn. The Communist in Cambodia murdered two million people for the criminal act of knowing how to read and write or drive a car. In Nazi Germany they murdered million for belonging to the wrong religion or political party. The goal of the leadership in each of these cases and other was to weaken society so they could consolidate their power and control.

We cannot allow America to go down this path. No one but the ones in power at the time will achieve anything. We need to identify the politicians that are resorting to this tactic and hold them accountable. And it does not matter what political party they belong to! The very idea that our very leadership will resort to these tactics should drive home to each American what is not right in our country. For a political candidate to use such tactics to gain a political advantage during an election is at best not of the highest standard. For our leadership to intentionally use these tactics to pit citizen against citizen is placing each and everyone of us one spark away from Class Warfare.


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