Chinese Flag Raised Near White House To Celebrate Communism

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Chinese national flag was raised behind the White House in Washington alongside America's Stars and Stripes, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China by Chairman Mao.


America so easily turns a blind eye to the horrible human-rights violations that China commits over and over. Did anyone in D.C. stop and think that there may have been a good reason why we have not allowed a “celebrate communist China” day in the past? A reason why Reagan took a hard-nosed line against communism? Because communism is just another version of Totalitarianism, of tyranny; the very thing our country was founded to fight against.

China’s little propaganda piece with the children lining up like soldiers and giving the NAZI-salute is particularly disturbing. It reminds me of some of the iconography we saw during Obama’s campaign. America will never be like that. We will die before we give away our hard-earned freedoms!

Hal (GT) said...

I totally agree with John about our government turning a blind eye to the human-rights violations. But we should expect that from China as they are communist and the communist montra is that God does not exist. Therefore those rights spoken about in our founding docs just don't exist.

I guess this is just a sign of how much sway another can have over you when you are deeply indebted to them. I expect we will see more signs like this as the days progress.

Being that China holds so much of our debt our government will be forced to capitulate on any number of policies and the like.

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