ALERT: Protect Your Children from Obama-Indoctrination!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

By now you must have heard of the address Obama will be giving to the school children of the nation this coming Tuesday. Originally the White House gave a lesson plan to teachers (read it here) that included having teachers introduce Obama's speech with promotional stories from his campaign and follow-up assignments having the student write "What does President Obama need me to do for him?" They have since claimed to retract some of these directions to the teachers, but they still refuse to release the video ahead of time for parents to screen.

One source is claiming that the following disturbing video, which has already been showing in some classrooms, will be part of the presentation to your kids:

I Pledge Allegiance to Obama
A few districts have refused to participate in Obama's shameless indoctrination scheme, many have allowed parents to "opt out" their kids, and some have even forbidden parents from pulling their kids out!
Parents, let me tell you about the power you hold in your hands. You have a God-given right and responsibility to teach and protect your children. No school administrator can tell you how to raise your children. And let me tell you another secret: THE SCHOOL LOSES MONEY WHEN YOUR KID STAYS HOME FOR A DAY. So if a bunch of kids end up staying home on days when the school tries to teach them liberal ideology, they lose a bunch of money and maybe they will learn to keep their politics to themselves!


lucydrake said...

Send the kids or don’t send them…either way, they will find out what was said…with the media and people talking, it will get out…

Unless, of course, the parents actually teach morals THEMSELVES to their kids at home. Then they can examine Obama's comments in perspective, rather than as the savior the media portrays him as.

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