ACORN sues Breitbart, O’Keefe, and Giles for exposing corruption

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"The video and audio footage was taken without the knowledge of Williams and/or Thompson and in violation of Maryland's Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code §§ 10-402(a) and 10-410, which requires two party consent to all electronic surveillance. Violation of the law is a felony, and entitles parties whose rights were violated to sue"

Didn't ACORN say they are grateful for the video?


PersonalFailure said...

So, your theory is that it's bad for Acorn to break the law, but okay for Republicans to do so?

My theory is that if a group is encouraging terrible things like child prostitution, they are the ones who should have the book thrown at them in court, not the ones who uncovered their heinous crimes under a technicality. I cannot understand why these serious crimes that ACORN committed to not bother liberals like you more. If the Salvation Army had done the same thing, I assure you liberals and conservatives alike would have railed on them. It's funny what politics can do to some people's moral sensitivities.

Anonymous said...

amen john galt...I think that this liberal commentator's username says it all (personal failure)what is going on with the libs? how can some people be so blind. It is like being hit by a car by a drunk driver. the republican would sue the person driving. The lib wants to sue the driver, passenger, road workers, passerbys, the car company,and the person that sold the alcohol to the driver. Then collect, then turn around and call reps. "fat cats" and "greedy" (perhaps bad analogy, but kinda true) they want want want without a clue how to pay for it

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