Video: Obama Gets Lectured

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update Polanski Gets Lectured

Gives him something to think about on his ride to Copenhagen

35 Radical Muslim Training Camps In U.S.

Hannity exposes

Dems Push Socialized Healthcare To "End Holocaust In America"

Proponents of socialism made great strides today. They blocked any sort of measure against illegal aliens receiving healthcare. Joe Wilson was right.

They blocked required funding for abortions today as well. Right on schedule.

"Education Is The Secret! Change Has Come!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The child indoctrination videos keep coming.

Btw, isn't it illegal for teachers to publish videos of children?

Via breibart:

Obama Compares Socialized Health Care To Civil Rights Struggle

Monday, September 28, 2009

Race Card

Politico- "Obama segued from civil rights into health care, ticking off what his plan calls for and borrowing a line from Martin Luther King, saying that the push called for "the fierce urgency of now."...

Turning to the economy, Obama said that his policies had brought the economy back from the brink of disaster and those that forget how bad it was had a case of "selective memory."...

Obama said that the CBC would be crucial in passing health care reform and alluded to the struggles of the past, putting the present fight in focus.

"Remember all they did all so many others did to make it possible for me to be here tonight," he said, saying that the present generation has a new task. "When the need was great and the moment was hard, we did our best to perfect our union.”

CA legislators take vacation to Europe instead of working

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh, but they are just there to... uh... look at the... uh... GOVERNING STYLE of the Europeans... right...

Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach)
Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles)
Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills)
Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield)
Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord)
Robert Huff (R-Diamond Bar)
Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego)
Louis Correa (D-Santa Ana) (Asia only)
Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) (Asia only)

The trip includes 19 days in Spain and Denmark. Six others will visit China and Korea.

Are Palin Followers Becoming A Burden?

So I read that McCain is hosting a fundraiser for Romney and I think: "It's great to see the boys finally getting along!"

Then I look at what Allahpundit at Hot Air has to say about it. He calls the move betrayal. Huh?

He is upset that McCain just dumped Palin. Palin really could use the $$. Yet he speculates that this move means Romney is "committed to being the centrist." So... he didn't want McCain to fundraise for Palin after all?

It is just another case of Palin followers complaining. I have been sympathetic to the bashing Palin gets in the media. I have complained about it, so has Romney. But this crosses the line and divides the Republican party just when I thought it was starting to mend itself.

White House Gives Tax Money To Dictator Muammar Qaddafi

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama Likes Tyrants and Dislikes America . . . and Here's More Proof

National Review- "The Obama administration has notified Congress of the State Department's intention to contribute $400,000 to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi's two children — $200,000 each for daughter Aisha and son Saif. Saif, you may recall, is the son who escorted the Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi home to a hero's welcome in Libya after President Obama sternly "warned" Qaddafi that there was to be no hero's welcome."

Glenn Beck Exposes Communist "Story Of Stuff" In Schools

In May I first revealed this inaccurate and communist propaganda film "Story of Stuff" that is brainwashing children in public schools all around America.

Beck reveals that this propaganda was created by the Apollo Alliance, a radical company that is intricately involved with President Obama and ACORN.

Netanyahu Condemns Obama, U.N. for Supporting Holocaust-Denying, Terrorist Ahmadinejad

Israel's president Benjamin Netanyahu gives the speech before the U.N. that Obama should have given. While Obama once again apologized for and condemned the United States to the applause of Islamo-terrorist leaders (the Libyan terrorist Muammar Qadhafi said “We Africans are happy, proud, that a son of Africans governs the United States of America. Obama is a glimpse in the darkness after four or eight years...We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as president of the United States.”), Netanyahu spoke for decency and responsibility. A man who denies the Holocaust, is illegally building nuclear weapons and brutally stole the election of his country deserves to be condemned, and luckily there was one man in the U.N. honorable enough to do so.

I have reposted the entire speech below, with the important quotes underlined for the short-of-attention-span:

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen...

Nearly 62 years ago, the United Nations recognized the right of the Jews, an ancient people 3,500 years-old, to a state of their own in their ancestral homeland. I stand here today as the Prime Minister of Israel, the Jewish state, and I speak to you on behalf of my country and my people.

The United Nations was founded after the carnage of World War II and the horrors of the Holocaust. It was charged with preventing the recurrence of such horrendous events. Nothing has undermined that central mission more than the systematic assault on the truth.

Yesterday the President of Iran stood at this very podium, spewing his latest anti-Semitic rants. Just a few days earlier, he again claimed that the Holocaust is a lie.

Last month, I went to a villa in a suburb of Berlin called Wannsee. There, on January 20, 1942, after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate the Jewish people. The detailed minutes of that meeting have been preserved by successive German governments.

Here is a copy of those minutes, in which the Nazis issued precise instructions on how to carry out the extermination of the Jews. Is this a lie?

A day before I was in Wannsee, I was given in Berlin the original construction plans for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Those plans are signed by Hitler’s deputy, Heinrich Himmler himself. Here is a copy of the plans for Auschwitz-Birkenau, where one million Jews were murdered. Is this too a lie?

This June, President Obama visited the Buchenwald concentration camp. Did President Obama pay tribute to a lie? And what of the Auschwitz survivors whose arms still bear the tattooed numbers branded on them by the Nazis? Are those tattoos a lie?

One-third of all Jews perished in the conflagration. Nearly every Jewish family was affected, including my own. My wife's grandparents, her father’s two sisters and three brothers, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins were all murdered by the Nazis. Is that also a lie?

Yesterday, the man who calls the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium. To those who refused to come here and to those who left this room in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity and you brought honor to your countries.

But to those who gave this Holocaust-denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency? A mere six decades after the Holocaust, you give legitimacy to a man who denies that the murder of six million Jews took place and pledges to wipe out the Jewish state. What a disgrace! What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations!

Perhaps some of you think that this man and his odious regime threaten only the Jews. You're wrong. History has shown us time and again that what starts with attacks on the Jews eventually ends up engulfing many others.

This Iranian regime is fueled by an extreme fundamentalism that burst onto the world scene three decades ago after lying dormant for centuries.

In the past thirty years, this fanaticism has swept the globe with a murderous violence and cold-blooded impartiality in its choice of victims. It has callously slaughtered Muslims and Christians, Jews and Hindus, and many others. Though it is comprised of different offshoots, the adherents of this unforgiving creed seek to return humanity to medieval times. Wherever they can, they impose a backward regimented society where women, minorities, gays or anyone not deemed to be a true believer is brutally subjugated.

The struggle against this fanaticism does not pit faith against faith nor civilization against civilization. It pits civilization against barbarism, the 21st century against the 9th century, those who sanctify life against those who glorify death. The primitivism of the 9th century ought to be no match for the progress of the 21st century. The allure of freedom, the power of technology, the reach of communications should surely win the day.

Ultimately, the past cannot triumph over the future. And the future offers all nations magnificent bounties of hope. The pace of progress is growing exponentially. It took us centuries to get from the printing press to the telephone, decades to get from the telephone to the personal computer, and only a few years to get from the personal computer to the internet.

What seemed impossible a few years ago is already outdated, and we can scarcely fathom the changes that are yet to come. We will crack the genetic code. We will cure the incurable. We will lengthen our lives. We will find a cheap alternative to fossil fuels and clean up the planet.

I am proud that my country Israel is at the forefront of these advances – by leading innovations in science and technology, medicine and biology, agriculture and water, energy and the environment. These innovations the world over offer humanity a sunlit future of unimagined promise.

But if the most primitive fanaticism can acquire the most deadly weapons, the march of history could be reversed for a time. And like the belated victory over the Nazis, the forces of progress and freedom will prevail only after a horrific toll of blood and fortune has been exacted from mankind.

That is why the greatest threat facing the world today is the marriage between religious fanaticism and the weapons of mass destruction, and the most urgent challenge facing this body is to prevent the tyrants of Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Are the member states of the United Nations up to that challenge? Will the international community confront a despotism that terrorizes its own people as they bravely stand up for freedom?

Will it take action against the dictators who stole an election in broad daylight and gunned down Iranian protesters who died in the streets choking in their own blood? Will the international community thwart the world's most pernicious sponsors and practitioners of terrorism? Above all, will the international community stop the terrorist regime of Iran from developing atomic weapons, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world?

The people of Iran are courageously standing up to this regime. People of goodwill around the world stand with them, as do the thousands who have been protesting outside this hall. Will the United Nations stand by their side?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the jury is still out on the United Nations, and recent signs are not encouraging. Rather than condemning the terrorists and their Iranian patrons, some here have condemned their victims. That is exactly what a recent UN report on Gaza did, falsely equating the terrorists with those they targeted.

For eight long years, Hamas fired from Gaza thousands of missiles, mortars and rockets on nearby Israeli cities. Year after year, as these missiles were deliberately hurled at our civilians, not a single UN resolution was passed condemning those criminal attacks.

We heard nothing – absolutely nothing – from the UN Human Rights Council, a misnamed institution if there ever was one. In 2005, hoping to advance peace, Israel unilaterally withdrew from every inch of Gaza. It dismantled 21 settlements and uprooted over 8,000 Israelis. We didn't get peace. Instead we got an Iranian backed terror base fifty miles from Tel Aviv. Life in Israeli towns and cities next to Gaza became a nightmare.

You see, the Hamas rocket attacks not only continued, they increased tenfold. Again, the UN was silent. Finally, after eight years of this unremitting assault, Israel was finally forced to respond. But how should we have responded? Well, there is only one example in history of thousands of rockets being fired on a country's civilian population. It happened when the Nazis rocketed British cities during World War II.

During that war, the allies leveled German cities, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties. Israel chose to respond differently. Faced with an enemy committing a double war crime of firing on civilians while hiding behind civilians – Israel sought to conduct surgical strikes against the rocket launchers.

That was no easy task because the terrorists were firing missiles from homes and schools, using mosques as weapons depots and ferreting explosives in ambulances. Israel, by contrast, tried to minimize casualties by urging Palestinian civilians to vacate the targeted areas. We dropped countless flyers over their homes, sent thousands of text messages and called thousands of cell phones asking people to leave.

Never has a country gone to such extraordinary lengths to remove the enemy's civilian population from harm's way. Yet faced with such a clear case of aggressor and victim, who did the UN Human Rights Council decide to condemn? Israel. A democracy legitimately defending itself against terror is morally hanged, drawn and quartered, and given an unfair trial to boot.

By these twisted standards, the UN Human Rights Council would have dragged Roosevelt and Churchill to the dock as war criminals. What a perversion of truth! What a perversion of justice!

Delegates of the United Nations, will you accept this farce? Because if you do, the United Nations would revert to its darkest days, when the worst violators of human rights sat in judgment against the law-abiding democracies, when Zionism was equated with racism and when an automatic majority could declare that the earth is flat.

If this body does not reject this report, it would send a message to terrorists everywhere: Terror pays; if you launch your attacks from densely populated areas, you will win immunity. And in condemning Israel, this body would also deal a mortal blow to peace. Here's why. When Israel left Gaza, many hoped that the missile attacks would stop. Others believed that at the very least, Israel would have international legitimacy to exercise its right of self-defense.

What legitimacy? What self-defense?

The same UN that cheered Israel as it left Gaza and promised to back our right of self-defense now accuses us –my people, my country - of war crimes? And for what? For acting responsibly in self-defense. What a travesty!

Israel justly defended itself against terror. This biased and unjust report is a clear-cut test for all governments. Will you stand with Israel or will you stand with the terrorists? We must know the answer to that question now. Now and not later. Because if Israel is again asked to take more risks for peace, we must know today that you will stand with us tomorrow. Only if we have the confidence that we can defend ourselves can we take further risks for peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all of Israel wants peace. Any time an Arab leader genuinely wanted peace with us, we made peace. We made peace with Egypt led by Anwar Sadat. We made peace with Jordan led by King Hussein. And if the Palestinians truly want peace, I and my government, and the people of Israel, will make peace. But we want a genuine peace, a defensible peace, a permanent peace.

In 1947, this body voted to establish two states for two peoples – a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted that resolution. The Arabs rejected it. We ask the Palestinians to finally do what they have refused to do for 62 years: Say yes to a Jewish state.

Just as we are asked to recognize a nation-state for the Palestinian people, the Palestinians must be asked to recognize the nation state of the Jewish people. The Jewish people are not foreign conquerors in the Land of Israel. This is the land of our forefathers.

Inscribed on the walls outside this building is the great Biblical vision of peace: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. They shall learn war no more." These words were spoken by the Jewish prophet Isaiah 2,800 years ago as he walked in my country, in my city - in the hills of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem. We are not strangers to this land. It is our homeland.

As deeply connected as we are to this land, we recognize that the Palestinians also live there and want a home of their own. We want to live side by side with them, two free peoples living in peace, prosperity and dignity. But we must have security. The Palestinians should have all the powers to govern themselves except those handful of powers that could endanger Israel.

That is why a Palestinian state must be effectively demilitarized. We don't want another Gaza, another Iranian backed terror base abutting Jerusalem and perched on the hills a few kilometers from Tel Aviv.

We want peace.

I believe such a peace can be achieved. But only if we roll back the forces of terror, led by Iran, that seek to destroy peace, eliminate Israel and overthrow the world order. The question facing the international community is whether it is prepared to confront those forces or accommodate them.

Over seventy years ago, Winston Churchill lamented what he called the "confirmed unteachability of mankind," the unfortunate habit of civilized societies to sleep until danger nearly overtakes them.

Churchill bemoaned what he called the "want of foresight, the unwillingness to act when action will be simple and effective, the lack of clear thinking, the confusion of counsel until emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong.”

I speak here today in the hope that Churchill's assessment of the "unteachability of mankind" is for once proven wrong. I speak here today in the hope that we can learn from history -- that we can prevent danger in time.

In the spirit of the timeless words spoken to Joshua over 3,000 years ago, let us be strong and of good courage. Let us confront this peril, secure our future and, God willing, forge an enduring peace for generations to come.
Israel, don't give up on us. Obama will be out soon, we promise.

Dede Scozzafava: GOP Picks a Loser

The race for New York's 23rd continues to heat up. Dede Scozzafava was hand-picked by GOP leaders to be the Republican candidate for a special election in this district in upstate New York, which has elected Republicans since the Civil War.

A safe, reliable GOP district. So what do the party bosses do? Nominate one of the very few pro-gay-marriage Republicans around. Nice, huh? Then it becomes increasingly clear that Dede is not just a leftist on social issues--she's pretty far out of the mainstream all the way around.

[More below the fold (Click on "Show full post)]
Human Events just published an expose of Dede Scozzafava's relationship with the Working Families Party in New York. If you are in New Jersey or elsewhere, maybe you've never heard of it. But stay with me.

The Working Families Party was founded by hard-left interest groups to promote their positions. Scozzafava is not only one of the few gay-marriage Republicans, she is one of the very few Republicans to get elected by earning the party-line of the Working Families Party (sharing that line with John Kerry!).

But it gets worse than that: Guess who is a founding Co-Chair of the Working Families Party? Bertha Lewis, the head of ACORN. I'd never heard of Bertha Lewis until last week. But when videos emerged of ACORN employees counseling a young man on how to get taxpayer financing to run a brothel for underage prostitutes, all of America watched Bertha Lewis respond by denouncing the videomakers as liars and frauds. Then, as the scandal built, she abruptly reversed course and pretended to be concerned with reform.

Her big "reform"? Accept no new clients while the "investigation" is underway. That means, of course, that no new videos can emerge while the story is hot of yet more taxpayer-funded ACORN employees using your hard-earned money to figure out how lawbreakers can join them at the public trough.

Bertha Lewis is one of Dede Scozzafava's political friends and supporters. (Scozzafava spokespeople told Human Events that she would have voted to defund ACORN. But she has not rejected or repudiated the Working Families Party's powerful endorsement, either.)

None of which would be our business here at the National Organization for Marriage except for one thing: In a backroom deal, without the voters' approval, New York's GOP party bosses hand-picked Dede to be the face, the voice, and the values of a new generation of Republican.

Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave.

At the same time, a new poll released by the Doug Hoffman campaign shows that Dede is paying a price in this hard-core GOP district for her extreme views. The number one pick of voters in that district? "Undecided" by 31 percent. Only 30 percent of voters say they will vote for Dede, and the rest are about evenly split between the Democrat and Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman--both of whom are to the right of Dede on gay marriage. (The Democrat has yet to say, however, how he will vote on efforts to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act).

No date for the election has been set, but Novemeber appears likely. Stay tuned!

ACORN sues Breitbart, O’Keefe, and Giles for exposing corruption

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"The video and audio footage was taken without the knowledge of Williams and/or Thompson and in violation of Maryland's Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code §§ 10-402(a) and 10-410, which requires two party consent to all electronic surveillance. Violation of the law is a felony, and entitles parties whose rights were violated to sue"

Didn't ACORN say they are grateful for the video?

Maine in the Fight for Marriage: Now the People get to Decide

It’s More Than Marriage: What’s At Stake in Maine

by Pastor Bob Emrich

I don’t know anyone who looks across acres of clear-cut land and calls it tree equality. That makes as much sense as looking at the extreme changes to Maine’s marriage law approved recently by Gov. Baldacci and calling it marriage equality.

Look at the facts and decide for yourself. Let’s start by comparing Maine’s marriage law before and after the change.

The State of Maine held the historic definition of marriage in highest regard throughout Maine law. Maine law told us why “traditional monogamous marriage” was well worth State government protection and promotion. Maine law said, “The union of one man and one woman joined in traditional monogamous marriage is of inestimable value to society..;” The word “inestimable” means too valuable to be measured or fully appreciated.

Maine’s marriage law said: “..the State has a compelling interest to nurture and promote the unique institution of traditional monogamous marriage in the support of harmonious families and the physical and mental health of children;”

That part of the law is full of wonderful, important words. “Compelling” means the State’s interest in historic marriage cannot be refuted. “Nurture” means to cherish, to encourage the growth of. To “promote” means to support. “Unique” means the only one of its kind. An “institution” is a well-established and familiar custom.

That paragraph of Maine’s marriage law ends with, “…and that the State has the compelling interest in promoting the moral values inherent in traditional monogamous marriage.”

Finally, the whole purpose of Maine’s marriage law was, “To encourage the traditional monogamous family unit as the basic building block of our society, the foundation of harmonious and enriching family life;”

Maine legislators and the Governor took every bit of the marriage law I have just outlined for you, clear-cut it, and threw it out as worthless garbage. All that language and, more important, the meaning behind the words, is gone.

It was cut first by a majority of the Maine Legislature who said societies were wrong for thousands of years in valuing “traditional monogamous marriage” as “the basic building block of society.” They came up with their new definition of marriage, which Governor Baldacci signed it into law. It starts with: “Marriage is the legally recognized union of 2 people.”

Baldacci’s new marriage law then redefines all of the historic terms we associate with marriage: Widows aren’t just women. Neither are wives and brides. Husbands, grooms, and widowers aren’t just men. In fact, the Governor’s new marriage law says: “Gender-specific terms relating to the marital relationship or familial relationships, including, but not limited to, ‘spouse,’ ‘family,’ ‘marriage,’ ‘immediate family,’ ‘dependent,’ ‘next of kin,’ ‘bride,’ ‘groom,’ ‘husband,’ ‘wife,’ ‘widow’ and ‘widower,’ must be construed to be gender-neutral for all purposes throughout the law, whether in the context of statute, administrative or court rule, policy, common law or any other source of civil law.”

There you have it. It is a belief among those of us supporting a Peoples Veto of this law on the November 3, 2009 ballot that Mainers deserve a full and honest debate about this radical law and its impact on society short-term, mid-term, and long-term. The one public hearing on this law, in Augusta, on a work day was a very bad call by the legislators involved.

Mainers must have the opportunity to decide if adopting a law redefining historic marriage as gender-free, instead of Maine law saying “..the State has a compelling interest to nurture and promote the unique institution of traditional monogamous marriage in the support of harmonious families and the physical and mental health of children,” is what they want for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

Obama Meddles In Honduras

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Man Assaulted, Arrested, Charged With Vandalism & Criminal Mischief For Posting Anti-Obama Poster

Opposition to the Holy of Holies will NOT be tolerated!

Chinese Flag Raised Near White House To Celebrate Communism

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Chinese national flag was raised behind the White House in Washington alongside America's Stars and Stripes, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China by Chairman Mao.

Obamacare Tax Increase? Depends What The Definition Of "Is" Is

The snake oil salesman pushes the ridiculous notion that his socialized health care will not raise taxes:

STEPHANOPOULOS: That may be, but it's still a tax increase...

OBAMA: No, but… but, George, you… you can't just make up that language and decide that that's called a tax increase. Any...

STEPHANOPOULOS: I… I don't think I'm making it up. Merriam Webster's Dictionary: Tax…"a charge, usually of money, imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes."

OBAMA: George, the fact that you looked up Merriam's Dictionary, the… definition of tax increase, indicates to me that you're stretching a little bit right now. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone to the… dictionary to check on the definition. I mean what...
OBAMA: My critics say everything is a tax increase. My critics say that I'm taking over every sector of the economy. You know that.

In 2007 Obama said health care will "require tax hikes" and that "savings are just a theory."

The Health Systems Innovations Network estimates Obama's plan will raise taxes for a total of $4 trillion over 10 years.

The media also doesn't believe in the dictionary definition!

Great Tea Party Video 9/12 West Los Angeles

Concerned citizens of all races, political parties and every demographic came to L.A. on 9/12 to protest the government's resolute march towards socialism and totalitarianism.

The local and national "main-stream" media didn't even both to mention it.

This quick little video includes some great interviews of the participants voicing their concerns. By Veronica DiPippo at Big Hollywood.

"There is a point when we need to stand up. We did it a long time ago; 233 years ago, our founding fathers did it and now it's our turn."

Mitt Romney Speech To Value Voters Summit

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Romney taunts Democrats with memories of Carter

Huckabee Cheap-Shots Romney With Lies At Value Summit

Friday, September 18, 2009

Romney's response...

Could have seen this coming...

Liberals twisted Romney's healthcare plan, but the sinister minister insists with the lie that Romney is to blame.

He compares it to Obamacare, which is completely different.

I had such high hopes for Huckabee, ever since he started flip-flopping on all his issues in order to become more like Romney!

Obama Lied About Cap and Trade Cost, Newly Declassified Documents Prove

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On June 25, 2009 President Obama informed the American People not to listen to the "fear-mongering" of the conservatives about the astronomic costs of the"Cap and Trade" Bill they were pushing through congress because "the price to the average American will be about the same as a postage stamp a day." (source)

This last Tuesday, the Treasury Department was forced to release a memo (read it here) they had sent to the White house in April clearly saying that cap and trade law would cost American taxpayers up to $200 billion a year. That comes out to $1,761 per household per year.

Two points here:

#1 Obama clearly was told by the treasury department that this bill would cost each household an average $1,761 per a year, yet he told the American people it would cost them "a postage stamp a day." Blatant Lie.

#2 Obama and the Democrats keep telling us that this draconian scheme is all to save the environment, but if that is so, why is the government making $200 Billion a year of it? What is that called when the government takes people's money. Oh yeah, it's a tax!
$200 Billion out of our economy is even more than the conservative watchdog group the Heritage Foundation estimated. That is the equivalent of hiking personal income taxes by about 15 percent!

Do you remember how this bill passed in the House? At around 3:00 AM on June 26, the already 1200+ page bill mysteriously grew by 300+ pages. That same day, the bill (including the 300+ pages added in the dead of night that no representative could have possibly read) was passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 219-212 without hardly a mention from the national news media.

Now do you see why this Obamamergencies are bad? Why we want our congressmen and women to actually READ the bills they're voting on? Why we have absolutely no trust that any decent legislation will come out of this Congress and this White House?

(Sources: The Examiner, CNET News, Glenn Beck -starting at 1:25, and much more...)

Obama's Health Care Speech Heckled: "You Lie"

Racist. Very fishy.

Dr. Krauthammer on Obama

"Obama has ... a way of making you think he’s on your side, agreeing with your position, while doing the opposite. ... Obama has a ruthless quest for power. He did not come to Washington to make something out of himself, but rather to change everything, including dismantling capitalism. He can’t be straightforward on his ambitions, as the public would not go along. ... His three main goals are to control ENERGY, PUBLIC EDUCATION, AND NATIONAL HEALTH CARE by the Federal government. ...

"Obama doesn’t really see himself as President of the United States , but more as a ruler over the world. ... His apology tour in Germany and England was a prime example of how he sees America, as an imperialist nation that has been arrogant, rather than a great noble nation that has at times made errors. ...

"The current level of spending is irresponsible and outrageous. We are spending trillions that we doen’t have. This could lead to hyper-inflation, depression or worse. No country has ever spent themselves into prosperity. "

Dr. Krauthammer is on Fox News. He is an M.D. and a lawyer and is paralyzed from the neck down. A friend went to hear Charles Krauthammer. He listened with 25 others in a closed room. What he says here, is NOT 2nd-hand but 1st. The ramifications are staggering for us, our children and their children.

Click on "Show full post" below to read more

“…Last Monday was a profound evening, hearing Dr. Charles Krauthammer speak to the Center for the American Experiment. He is brilliant intellectual, seasoned and articulate. He is forthright and careful in his analysis, and never resorts to emotions or personal insults. He is NOT a fear monger nor an extremist in his comments and views. He is a fiscal conservative, and has a Pulitzer Prize for writing. He is a frequent contributor to Fox News and writes weekly for the Washington Post. The entire room was held spellbound during his talk. I have shared this with many of you and several have asked me to summarize his comments, as we are living in uncharted waters economically and internationally.

Even 2 Dems at my table agreed with everything he said! If you feel like forwarding this to those who are open minded and have not drunk the Kool-Aid, feel free. Summary of his comments:

1. Mr. Obama is a very intellectual, charming individual. He is not to be underestimated. He is a cool customer who doesn’t show his emotions. It’s very hard to know what’s behind the mask. Taking down the Clinton dynasty from a political neophyte was an amazing accomplishment. The Clintons still do not understand what hit them. Obama was in the perfect place at the perfect time.

2. Obama has political skills comparable to Reagan and Clinton. He has a way of making you think he’s on your side, agreeing with your position, while doing the opposite. Pay no attention to what he SAYS; rather, watch what he DOES!

3. Obama has a ruthless quest for power. He did not come to Washington to make something out of himself, but rather to change everything, including dismantling capitalism. He can’t be straightforward on his ambitions, as the public would not go along. He has a heavy hand, and wants to level the playing field with income redistribution and punishment to the achievers of society. He would like to model the USA to Great Britain or Canada .

4. His three main goals are to control ENERGY, PUBLIC EDUCATION, AND NATIONAL HEALTH CARE by the Federal government. He doesn’t care about the auto or financial services industries, but got them as an early bonus. The cap and trade will add costs to everything and stifle growth. Paying for FREE college education is his goal. Most scary is his healthcare program, because if you make it FREE and add 46,000,000 people to a Medicare-type single-payer system, the costs will go through the roof. The only way to control costs is with massive RATIONING of services, like in Canada. God forbid.

5. He has surrounded himself with mostly far-left academic types. No one around him has ever even run a candy store. But they are going to try and run the auto, financial, banking and other industries. This obviously can’t work in the long run. Obama is not a socialist; rather he’s a far-left secular progressive bent on nothing short of revolution. He ran as a moderate, but will govern from the hard left. Again, watch what he does, not what he says.

6. Obama doesn’t really see himself as President of the United States , but more as a ruler over the world. He sees himself above it all, trying to orchestrate and coordinate various countries and their agendas. He sees moral equivalency in all cultures. His apology tour in Germany and England was a prime example of how he sees America, as an imperialist nation that has been arrogant, rather than a great noble nation that has at times made errors. This is the first President ever who has chastised our allies and appeased our enemies!

7. He is now handing out goodies. He hopes that the bill (and pain) will not come due until after he is re-elected in 2012. He would like to blame all problems on Bush from the past, and hopefully his successor in the future. He has a huge ego, and Mr. Krauthammer believes he is a narcissist.

8.. Republicans are in the wilderness for a while, but will emerge strong. We’re pining for another Reagan, but there will never be another like him. Krauthammer believes Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindahl (except for his terrible speech in February) are the future of the party. Newt Gingrich is brilliant, but has baggage. Sarah Palin is sincere and intelligent, but needs to really be seriously boning up on facts and info if she is to be a serious candidate in the future. We need to return to the party of lower taxes, smaller government, personal responsibility, strong national defense, and states rights.

9. The current level of spending is irresponsible and outrageous. We are spending trillions that we doen’t have. This could lead to hyper-inflation, depression or worse. No country has ever spent themselves into prosperity. The media is giving Obama, Reid and Pelosi a pass because they love their agenda. But eventually the bill will come due and people will realize the huge bail outs didn’t work, nor will the stimulus package. These were trillion-dollar payoffs to Obama’s allies, unions and the Congress to placate the left, so he can get support for #4 above.

10. The election was over in mid-September when Lehman brothers failed, fear and panic swept in, we had an unpopular President, and the war was grinding on indefinitely without a clear outcome. The people are in pain, and the mantra of change caused people to act emotionally. Any Dem would have won this election; it was surprising it was as close as it was.

11. In 2012, if the unemployment rate is over 10%, Republicans will be swept back into power. If it’s under 8%, the Dems continue to roll. If it’s between 8-10%, it will be a dogfight. It will all be about the economy. I hope this gets you really thinking about what’s happening in Washington and Congress. There is a left-wing revolution going on, according to Krauthammer, and he encourages us to keep the faith and join the loyal resistance. The work will be hard, but we’re right on most issues and can reclaim our country, before it’s far too late.

Note: Dr. Krauthammer has issued a statement saying that this summary of his remarks is not entirely accurate and includes some statements he did not make. (source)

ACORN Gives Suggestions Where To Stash Child Sex-Slaves, Liberals Come To Their Defense

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The liberals are actually defending ACORN. You think I'm kidding?

Liberal blogs are ablaze with the latest incredibly lame defense put up by Obama-supported ACORN. First they denied and fired a couple employees, then they said the video was doctored and threatened to sue, now they say their employees only played along.

“They were not believable", said Ms. Kaelke of the two actors. "Somewhat entertaining, but they weren't even good actors. I didn't know what to make of them. They were clearly playing with me. I decided to shock them as much as they were shocking me. Like Stephan Colbert does – saying the most outrageous things with a straightface." While her sense of humor might not be funny to many people, the fact is that she spun false scenario after false scenario and the videographer ate them up.

Apparently San Bernardino Police can't find any murdered husband, which leads them to say she made that part up. ACORN falsely claims that "footage that reflected well on ACORN had been edited out of the video." You can see the entire unedited video reported by Fox News here.

The chief of ACORN said they will fight this “modern-day McCarthyism.”

Which means they will weather out the storm, give high fives to every media but Fox News for ignoring the story, and continue lobbying corrupt Democrats like Barbara Boxer.

John Stewart Blasts ACORN Scandal-Ignoring Media

Comedian John Stewart is so far the only liberal media figure to answer Glenn Beck's challenge to stand up for decency and say something about ACORN helping a pimp and a prostitute with tax evasion, importing illegal alien minors to be exploited as sex-slaves, murder and money-laundering . . . all on the taxpayers' dime.

Compare that with Charlie Gibson of ABC who claimed in an interview with WLS-AM Chicago that he had not even heard of the ACORN scandals rocking the nation. Or NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd saying that covering the Anthony Van Jones story (admitted communist, radical revolutionary and a 9-11 "Truther," and Obama's "green jobs czar" until he was forced to resign 9/6), was a waste of the media's time.

Really?! A waste of who's time? What good is a news station if they can't report on what's really important? Our tax money going to fund child prostitution? . . . nah . . . Let's talk about the Obama's walk yesterday.

Obama Gets Interviews On 5 Networks: Cartoon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN Employee Admits To Murder, More Sex-Slave Cover-up

Admission to murder, threats of murder, recommendations of violence against prostitutes, a laundry-list of Democrat politicians that she lobbies, admission of prostitution rings...

'I talk to Congressmen, Senators, Assembly people every day. Gloria Negrete McLeod (D), Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter (D), Congressman Joe Baca (D), Barbara Boxer (D)..."

"We've faced a lot of discrimination..."

"Well I'll bet you have, becausethere are a lot of narrow-minded, one sided (let's see), right-wing, bleeding heart liberals out there, that... I'm mean bleeding hearts, not necessarily liberals, because if they were liberal they would be helping..."

"We're bringing these girls from overseas, but we are going to take a cut of the profit, and I intend to the profit from the tricks the girls perform to fund my political campaign and the advertising."

"But you see, do you think that every single, do you think that every Congressman, every legislator, do you think that even Obama... you know or the President... or any of them, ever actually put down every single resource where they got their money? Kennedy! They got their money from bootlegging and prostitution."

Obama's campaign "misrepresented" more than $800,000 in payments to a subsidiary of ACORN to work in “get-out-the-vote” projects.

Obama said ACORN will have imput on his agenda as president:

Obama goes on Letterman, 5 Networks to Push Health Care Reform

Who needs a disinformation czar? Obama can do the lying himself.

The president is going to appear on five Sunday talk shows (ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN - wait, didn't he forget Fox News?) to press his case for health care, White House officials disclosed. That is a presidential record.

Monday he will become the first president to appear on the failing David Letterman show.

All this to try to lie and sweet-talk the American public into accepting his socialized health care plan. And this after it was reported, even by ABC, MSNBC, and the Congressional Research Service that Obama did lie when he said the bill would not cover illegal aliens.

But that shouldn't stop us from believing him, right? After all, he's got a cool "O" symbol.

Racist School Beating Caught On Tape

Update! Police now say it "may not be racially motivated." Sure, because the victim was white. Liberal America, folks!

No seats left on the bus, so white kid must sit next to black kid. Black kids don't like it so they start beating white kid. Bus driver does nothing, all the other students cheer.

I expect a statement from Obama any minute now...

Two Americas: The Awakening of the Ents

Obama promised to bring the opposing political views of the nation together under his presidency, but instead he grabbed a hold of the country and began yanking it to the far left. This has had the effect of causing conservatives everywhere to dig in their heels and start like never before to pull the country back to the right. Unfortunately, in this tug-of-war the fabric of our country is not invincible: We are tearing down ideological/party lines like never before. With the liberals are becoming more liberal and the conservatives are becoming more conservative, what will happen when the strain becomes to much?

The following article by Eowyn describes the political/ideological war our country is undergoing right now. Read the whole thing, it is very powerful...

[Click on "show full post" to read more...]

During the ‘08 campaign, an essay written by Dennis Prager made a deep impression on me because it said out loud what increasingly was in my mind and heart: The left and right in America have become irreconcilable.

As Prager wrote then:

It is time to confront the unhappy fact about our country: There are now two Americas….

For most of my life I have believed, in what I now regard as wishful thinking, that the right and left wings have essentially the same vision for America, that it’s only about ways to get there in which the two sides differ. Right and left share the same ends, I thought.

That is not the case. For the most part, right and left differ in their visions of America and that is why they differ on policies.

Right and the left do not want the same America.

The latest pundit to say the same thing is Patrick Buchanan:

We seem not only to disagree with each other more than ever, but to have come almost to detest one another. Politically, culturally, racially, we seem ever ready to go for each others’ throats….

The question invites itself. In what sense are we one nation and one people anymore? For what is a nation if not a people of a common ancestry, faith, culture and language, who worship the same God, revere the same heroes, cherish the same history, celebrate the same holidays and share the same music, poetry, art and literature?

…Christmas and Easter, the great holidays of Christendom, once united Americans in joy. Now we fight over whether they should even be mentioned, let alone celebrated, in our public schools.

…One part of America loves her history, another reviles it as racist, imperialist and genocidal…. But the old holidays, heroes and icons endure, as the new have yet to put down roots in a recalcitrant Middle America.

We are not only more divided than ever on politics, faith and morality, but along the lines of class and ethnicity. Those who opposed Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court and stood by Sgt. Crowley in the face-off with Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates were called racists. But this time they did not back down. They threw the same vile word right back in the face of their accusers, and Barack Obama.

Consider but a few issues on which Americans have lately been bitterly divided: school prayer, the Ten Commandments, evolution, the death penalty, abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, affirmative action, busing, the Confederate battle flag, the Duke rape case, Terri Schiavo, Iraq, amnesty, torture.

Now it is death panels, global warming, “birthers” and socialism. If a married couple disagreed as broadly and deeply as Americans do on such basic issues, they would have divorced and gone their separate ways long ago. What is it that still holds us together?

I believe that there is a fundamental and irreconcilable difference between conservatives and liberals.

Conservatives truly believe that in 1776 something remarkable happened — the founding of the United States of America. The American republic, though far from perfect — given the shameful treatment of the indigenous “Indians” and black slaves — nevertheless was something special in human history. Conservatives therefore revere the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. We also believe that it is only because of American ideals as embodied in the Constitution that later reforms — emancipation of slaves and women, the civil rights movement — were even possible.

But conservatives are like the Ents in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Revering what the Founding Fathers instituted, conservatives are by our nature not revolutionaries. And so, we became complacent — while the Left infiltrated and took over every institution in American society.

Liberals, however, especially the far Left, fixate on America’s imperfections, past and present, and in so doing create and embrace Identity Politics with its narcissistic permanent sense of aggrieved victimhood.

More importantly, instead of faulting flawed men who did not live up to the Declaration of Independence’s promise that all human beings “are created equal,” the Left blame “The System” — the very essence and institutions of the American republic for our problems and imperfections. They do not think something very special happened in 1776. They do not revere the Constitution or the Founding Fathers and, worshiping at the altar of radical feminism, insist that the latter be referred to as gender-neutral emasculated “Founders.”

The Left mean to destroy and transform America.

What to do then?

I don’t believe it is productive to lament this reality. Better that we be clear-eyed, for we can’t fix something if we can’t even name what’s wrong.

And the last thing conservatives should do is play nice because the Left don’t. Being the revolutionaries they are, they actually had known our differences are irreconcilable long before we did.

What we must do is:

  • Stand firm on our beliefs, ideals, and principles.
  • Inform and educate the American people.
  • Take back our schools, colleges, universities, and pop culture.
  • And fight, fight, fight to win elections at the national, state, and local levels, so that the Left, who are a numerical minority in the population, never again seize political power.

The Ents were slow to anger and to action. But when they finally realized that the very continuation of Middle-Earth was in peril, led by the great Treebeard, the Ents went to war.

We have numbers on our side because recent survey data say conservatives are an ideological majority, at 40%. We simply need to be energized and mobilized to action — which we are.

Our labor will be hard and unrelenting and unending. To do otherwise is to consign the American Republic to the trash-heap of history.

FBI Visits Tea Party Protester "Terrorist" For Writing Letters

Monday, September 14, 2009

Write your senator, get investigated as a terrorist

The author of this allegation is being very vocal about it. Is it true or a hoax?

[Click on "show full post" to read more...]

Beginning in earnest in September of 2008 I began a campaign of letter writing to elected United States Representatives, Senators, and the White House under both President Bush and now President Obama. The tone of my correspondence has been that of a citizen who is fed up with the government for spending money we do not have, at a time when we are experiencing economic deflation, and taking control of private business, where I believe it is in violation of the constitutional rights of business owners, shareholders, and frankly every citizen of this country. Ask the Bank of America shareholders today if their rights were violated when the government forced BACs CEO to purchase Merrill Lynch for $15 billion more than its' value. I wasn't aware of the facts at that time, but I knew government had no right to enter into the making of business decisions for shareholders, with or without full disclosure.

I have further stated my intent to exercise any and all of my rights as a citizen to do everything in my power to see that any elected official who refuses to govern according to the constitution, and who refuses to act in an official capacity according to the wishes, beliefs, and demands of the public be removed from public office. I have also voiced my opinion that career politicians are the antithesis of the views of the framers, and called for single term limits of any elected office. In no way did I ever suggest anything other than our constitutional rights as citizens to control our government's actions.

Yesterday, as a result of one of my letters, I was paid a visit by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI. One Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, reported to the FBI that he felt I was endangering the government and should be investigated as a suspected terrorist. This after every single one my letters was sent through the official website of the government, and contained all of my personally identifying information and was specifically stated as advising each U. S. Senator that I was offering political opinion about pending legislation, or governmental policy.

Apparently, as this left leaning Congress assaults our rights on a daily basis, they are now resorting to reporting dissenters to their policies to the FBI, under the guise of terrorist threats. Since when did expressing a p0litical opinion, or disagreeing with the passage of Socialist bills in the legislature become terrorist in nature? I have specifically objected vehemently to the TARP, TALC, Economic Recovery Act, Omnibus Spending Bill, President Obama's 3.6 trillion dollar budget, cap and trade, and every other anti capitalist bill put forth in the 111th Congress.

The FBI agent was very polite and respectful. He explained why I had been targeted and by whom, Senator Whitehouse, and assured me that this would be the end of it. I explained to him in answer to his questions what and why I had written. He agreed that I have the constitutional right to express my dissatisfaction with government policy. The last thing he said to me was to advise that I keep expressing my opinions.

ACORN 'Aided' Child Prostitution A Third Time- New York

Maryland, Washington D.C., and now New York.

See Part 2 Here

In their attack on the film-maker, ACORN said: "undercover teams attempted similar stunts at three other ACORN offices." LOL. Yea, looks like they were successful too!

ACORN will sue the film-makers for allegedly doctoring the videos, and Fox News for daring to report the story.

Just a reminder, Obama rewarded this group, which is frequently found to be doing vote fraud for Democrats, $8 BILLION tax dollars. Obama has been tight with them for some time.

Compare Garbage After Tea Party Vs. Obama Inauguration

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama inauguration left over 100 tons of trash on the ground:

The 2 million man Tea Party left about 0 trash:

UPDATE! We found a picture of trash from the protest!!!

[images: erin m on flickr, constitutionallyspeaking]

More photos here. (Gatewaypundit)

9-12 "Convoy" Video Celebrates American Fight against Bureaucracy

Some clever, enterprising 9/12-er made the brilliant connection between what went on in Washington DC and around the country yesterday, and the old song/movie "Convoy." The song tells the story of a group truckers who've had enough of government bureaucracy in the form of oppressively low speed-limits and tolls hindering their cross-country trucking businesses. Forming a renegade convoy of 1,000 trucks, they speed across the country, smashing through tollgates, ignoring cops and taking the open road, co-ordinating and avoiding speedtraps with their Citizen Band (CB) radios.

Lyrics and CB jargon guide below (click on "See full post")


By Bill Fries & Chip Davis

Uh, Breaker One-Nine, this here's the Rubber Duck
You got a copy on me Pig-Pen? C'mon

Uh, yeah 10-4 Pig Pen, fer sure, fer sure
By golly it's clean clear to Flag-Town, C'mon

Uh, yeah, that's a big 10-4 Pig-Pen,
Yeah, we definitely got us the front door good buddy,
Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy

Was the dark of the moon, on the sixth of June
In a Kenworth, pullin' logs
Cabover Pete with a reefer on
And a Jimmy haulin' hogs
We 'as headin' fer bear on I-One-Oh
'Bout a mile outta Shaky-Town
I sez Pig-Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck
An' I'm about to put the hammer on down

Cause we gotta little ol' convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta little ol' convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the USA
Convoy... Convoy...

Uh, breaker Pig-Pen, this here's The Duck
Uh, you wanna back off them hogs
10-4, 'bout five mile or so, 10-roger
Them hogs is gittin' in-tense up here

By the time we got into Tulsa-Town
We had eighty-five trucks in all
But they's a road block up on the clover leaf
An' them bears 'as wall to wall
Yeah them smokies 'as thick as bugs on a bumper
They even had a bear-in-the-air
I sez callin' all trucks, this here's The Duck
We about to go a huntin' bear

Cause we gotta great big convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta great big convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the USA
Convoy... Convoy...

Uh, you wanna give me a 10-9 on that Pig-Pen?
Uh, negatory Pig-Pen, yer still too close
Yeah, them hogs is startin' close up my sinuses
Mercy sakes, you better back off another ten

Well we rolled up interstate fourty-four
Like a rocket sled on rails
We tore up all a our swindle sheets
An' left 'em settin' on the scales
By the time we hit that Chi-Town
Them bears was a gittin' smart
They'd brought up some reinforcements
From the Illinois National Guard
There 'as armored cars, and tanks, and Jeeps
An' rigs of every size
Yeah them chicken coops 'as full a bears
An' choppers filled the skies
Well we shot the line, an' we went for broke
With a thousand screamin' trucks
And eleven long-haired friends of Jesus
In a chartreusse microbus

Hey Sod Buster, listen
You wanna put that microbus in behind the suicide jockey?
Yeah, he's haulin dynamite
He needs all the help he can git

Well we laid a strip fer the Jersey Shore
An' prepared to cross the line
I could see the bridge 'as lined with bears
But I didn't have a doggone dime
I sez Pig-Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck
We just ain't a gonna pay no toll
So we crashed the gate doin' ninety-eight
I sez, let them truckers roll, 10-4

Cause we gotta mighty convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta mighty convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the USA
Convoy... Convoy...

Uh, 10-4 Pig-Pen, what's yer 20?
Well they oughta know what to do with them hogs out there fer sure
Well mercy sakes alive good buddy
We gonna back on outta here
So keep the bugs off yer glass
An' the bears off yer... tail
We gonna catch ya on the flip-flop
This here's the Rubber Duck on the side
We gone
Bye, Bye...

Some of the CB terms used and their meanings:

Got a Copy - do you hear me?

Jimmy - a GMC truck. GMC no longer builds class 8 trucks.

Headin' for bear - coming up on a police blockade. "Bear" is the CB slang term for "police."

Shakeytown - Los Angeles, California

Put the hammer down - speed up

Tulsa-town - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Smokies - highway state patrol officers

Bear in the air - police helicopter

Ten-nine (10-9) - repeat message

Swindle Sheets - truckers' logs. Truckers have to keep logs of what they were hauling. These "swindle sheets" must be presented to Department Of Transportation officers on request.

Chi-town - Chicago, Illinois

Chicken Coop - weigh station

Longhaired friends of Jesus - hippies

Microbus - Volkswagen Microbus. Very popular vehicle among the hippies during the 1960s and 1970s. Another popular song that mentions the Volkswagen Microbus is "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" by Arlo Guthrie.

"Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your... tail" - The real phrase is "keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your a**". A typical CB sign-off that means to drive carefully and watch out for speedtraps.

"What's your twenty?" - "Where are you?"

"Catch you on the flip-flop" - "I'll talk to you on my return trip (on the way back home)." (thanks, Patrick - Tallapoosa, GA)


More trucker/CB slang

How's this for a Trigger, Obama?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama and his cronies in congress think they can sneak socialized health care into America by creating a "trigger" set to go off in the future. That's supposed to make us feel better? Well Obama, if you want some triggers, we've got a few in mind:

So let's talk about some triggers, shall we? How about these triggers? If unemployment exceeds 10%, that triggers the resignation of the president who promised unemployment would not exceed 8% if the stimulus was passed. If any taxes are raised on people making less than $250,000, that triggers Obama's resignation from office. All the czars will be fully vetted, and if just one fails an FBI background check -- and most of them will fail an FBI background check -- that triggers a requirement for all the czars to resign and the czar program to be discontinued. You like these triggers? If the average temperatures in the United States have not increased at the end of this year as compared to average temperatures over the past three years, that triggers the end of any and all cap-and-trade legislation.

If any health care bill proposed by the president or Congress lessens the profitability or availability of private sector insurance in any way -- increases taxes, adds to the deficit, does not including Republican reforms for private sector health insurance companies -- that will trigger an automatic withdrawal of the bill from consideration. Further, if a bill results in any policyholder losing his policy or his doctor, that triggers Obama's resignation from office. And finally if Ford Motor Company ends the year more profitable than General Motors or Chrysler -- Obama car companies -- the government and the United Auto Workers will be forced to sell their ownership. You want to talk triggers? I can come up with triggers all day long.

[From Rush Limbaugh]

2 Million Expected at 9/12 D.C. March

Democrats are concerned. As many as 2 million concerned Americans may show up at the 9/12 Project rally in Washington, DC today, demanding answers for the massive spending and socialistic legislation they have been working on. Here at Good Sense, we salute those common, every-day Americans who are standing up and taking back their government!

Do you think the networks can ignore this?

The Power of the "O" Symbol

Barack Obama ran an unprecedented Presidential campaign - utilizing the power of design to help secure the seat of the President of the United States of America. However, his iconic emblem, the ever present "O", holds more power than even Obama knows. Bill Whittle points out the dangers of branding an ideology with an icon and how, perhaps, the powerful symbol will be used against the very man it built up.

[Thanks Beetleblogger]

Bomb Threat Evacuates D.C. Tea Party Protest Planners

Friday, September 11, 2009

Well at least now ABC is reporting on the protest

FreedomWorks offices evacuated on Friday after a false bomb threat was called in, as workers were calling to invite people to tomorrow's protest. Police only evacuated the offices this one time, even though they did nothing about similar bomb threats in the past. Hmmm....

Obama's Key Advisor Axelrod Mentored By Marxist Radicals

New Zeal reports (the same blog that first broke the Van Jones communism story in April).

Chicago Tribune:

In his early years as a political consultant, Axelrod, following in the footsteps of his mentor, the political strategist Don Rose, carved out a reputation for himself as a skillful specialist working for local progressive candidates...says Rose. "I think he's a principled, generally progressive guy... ."

Rose co-owned the Hyde Park Kenwood Voices, a paper sympathetic to communist causes. He was active in the communist Alliance to End Repression. He chaired the communist Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, and joined the communist Progressive Party. He is linked to the Chicago coalition of former Trotskyists, Socialist Party members and communists, soon to become the Democratic Socialists of America.

Axelrod worked with Rose and David S Canter on communist-friendly Moseley Braun's 1992 campaign. Canter co-owned the communist Hyde Park Kenwood Voices newspaper with Rose. They both held a seat in Harold Washington's administration. Together they sought to "mentor" and "educate...politically" Axelrod.

Canter was the son of secretary of the Boston Communist Party. As the Communist Party candidate for the secretary of state of Massachusetts, Canter's father was arrested for carrying a placard "FULLER—MURDERER OF SACCO AND VANZETTI"- the infamous anarchists. He was jailed for libel, and immediately moved his family to the Soviet Union upon his release, where according to the Chicago Sun-Times David Canter "developed a love for Russian literature."

Canter worked for the communist controlled Packinghouse Workers Union newspaper "Champion." Canter joined communist Leroy Wolins to start the Translation World Publishers, which speciallized in books about the Soviet Union- an "outlet for the distribution of Soviet
propaganda." For payments from the Soviet Union, Canter was summoned by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

According to this committee, Canter was a member of the Communist Party.

Much more here...

Obama's other key advisor, Valerie Jarrett worked for three communist organization in the 40's, with Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis. Davis also mentored Barack Obama in Hawaii.

Pro-Lifer Shot Dead At School

Remember the media's reaction when that abortionist was shot in church? Now we get media silence.

On the day religious extremists hijacked planes and killed many people. Fitting. Jim Pouillon is the victim, Harlan Drake is the alleged killer. Drake apparently was “offended” by Pouillon’s anti-abortion sign.

Obama Declares 9/11 "Interfaith Day of Service," i.e. "Reach out to Muslims" Day

From Pamela Geller on American Thinker:

Add another Obama insult to injury on 9-11. First, he desecrated the memory of 9-11 with his planned proclamation of his mandatory civilian service on 9-11, which he has designated a "National Day of Service." And now 9-11 has yet another title: State Department personnel are supposed to pray with Muslims on the newly declared "Interfaith Day of Service," whatever that means on 9-11.

September 11, which should be a somber day of mourning and reflection (on how the hell we got here), will be a day when Obama -- in a celebratory mode -- makes his big announcement. The whole thing is depraved. And yes, it really is mandatory. The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act - the GIVE Act - calls for a commission to study "whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed."

Meanwhile, an unclassified State Department "action request" encourages State officials to "consider organizing an Interfaith Day of Service in their host countries as a way to commemorate the anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001."


Although it refers to other "faith communities," Islam is the focus of the entire initiative. The action request asks State personnel to support mosques: "Organize a food-drive for the end of Ramadan with religious leaders and citizens in Muslim communities to donate to a local mosque or community..." And it directs State personnel to a handy "list of Ramadan 2009 outreach materials for Muslim communities."

[Read the whole article here.]

9/11 - Never Forget

Even though it was eight years ago, every American can remember exactly where they were when they first heard about the horrific events of September 11th, 2001. Fifteen terrorists killed 3,000 in the attacks in New York City, the Pentagon and the flight that crash-landed in Pennsylvania. It traumatized a nation and the world.

On September 12th nearly every American stood in solidarity to comfort those who had been injured and prevent this tragedy from ever happening again. Time has passed, however, and some seem to have forgotten their resolve. On this day we owe it to the many who died and were forever changed to review the events of 9/11/2001 and recommit to protecting freedom.

Watch a longer, powerful video about 9/11 made by the NYPD here:

VIDEO: ACORN Helps Pimp With Child Prostitution, Tax Evasion

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember, this is the group Obama worked with for years, who is accused of massive voter fraud, and the group he his contracting out to do the U.S. census. They are also funded by your tax dollars.

Video footage on Big Government show ACORN staffs helping a pimp and prostitute running a brothel with underage El Salvadorian girls, and how to evade tax and law enforcement. The filmmaker James O'Keefe posed as a pimp accompanied by a prostitute named "Kenya" walked into an ACORN (The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) office in Baltimore. They were seeking advice on how to obtain housing and what to do with the 13 underage El Salvadorian girls who will work for them as prostitutes.

The ACORN employee did not call the police or ask them to leave. Instead, they offered advice on how to evade tax and avoid law enforcement.

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The tape clearly shows "Kenya" saying that she makes $8,000 a month and an ACORN employee says that they could submit a tax return for $9600 for the whole year, versus the actual $96,000. The employee also said ACORN would only charge her $50 to do her taxes, instead of the usual $150. The tape continues with an ACORN employee suggesting "Kenya," puts down her occupation as a "performing artist." James O'Keefe then tells the ACORN workers that they are taking in 13 underage El Salvadorian girls to work as prostitutes. "What if they are going to be making money because they are performing tricks too?" O'Keefe asks. "If they making money and they are underage, then you shouldn't be letting anybody know anyway," the ACORN staffer says, and laughs. "It's illegal. So I am not hearing this, I am not hearing this. You talk too much. Don't give up no information you're not asked."

ACORN's spokesperson Scott Levenson refuse to make further comment at this point, other than condemning it as defamatory: "the portrayal is false and defamatory and an attempt at gotcha journalism. This film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed. ACORN wants to see the full video before commenting further."

ACORN is already under investigation for voter registration fraud.


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