Your Turn: The People Speak Out About Health Care Reform and Congress

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Democrat leadership has failed to push through their infamous "Health Care Reform" (read: government-run, European-style universal health care) bill before the August break, despite Speaker Pelosi, Leader Reid and President Obama's many attempts to bribe and coerce our representatives (especially Blue-Dog Democrats) to quickly pass the very expensive and still little-understood package.

Public (and some congress(wo)men's concerns) have centered around the fact that despite having passed through committees and being heavily promoted by President Obama and his media cohorts, no one (especially any of the congress(wo)men) has had enough time to read through the over 1,000 pages of the "Health Care Reform" bill. The details that have surfaced from this monstrous legislation border on draconian: the abolition of insurance companies in favor of Medicare/Veteran’s health care style programs, increased taxes for upper and middle class families to support the millions of illegal aliens that will be covered who don't pay any taxes, coming restrictions on treatment for the elderly, obese, women with several children, etc...

Since Congress failed to sneak their bill into law by their deadline yesterday, you can bet Democrat leadership will be after your congress(wo)man throughout August, bribing and threatening them to get in the party line and vote for the bill, regardless of what their constituents say.

This is where you come in!

Though some representatives will never listen (like Senator Feinstein (D-CA) who recently had a group of concerned retirees aged 55 to 87 kicked out of her office and arrested for refusing to leave before talking to her about health care reform), other representatives will be holding town hall meetings to assess the wants and needs of their constituents before voting (like Congressman Ryan (R-MN) who plans on holding several town hall meetings with his constituents and actually reading the "Health Care Reform" bill over his break).

Make your representatives listen to you! That's their job! Call, write, visit your representatives and ask them about the "Health Care Reform" Bill. Also ask them if they plan on reading the whole thing before voting on it.

To help you in this, we at Good Sense Politics are providing a list of questions to ask your representative, referenced to the bill. If your representatives have no idea what you are talking about RED FLAG! They have no idea what they are voting on!

A general list of questions to ask your representative:

10 Questions For Your U.S. Representative & Senators About ObamaCare

A Set of Bill-Referenced Questions, Suitable for a Town Hall Meeting (From our own Dr. Cura Te Ipsum):


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