Obama, Liberal Democrats Slander Grassroots Movement Protesting Obamacare

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The DNC, led by Barack Obama, is fueling media lies that the Townhall protesters of Government Health Care are funded by private insurance companies. All across America, grassroots protesters speaking out in the Soviet-style townhall meetings, in which liberals lie to the American public to buy socialised healthcare.

We know the truth. We know that Democrats want people to wait in line. They want the disabled and elderly at the back of the line. They want doctors to refuse service. They will require the elderly to be counseled every few months to stop medical treatment and just die. This is all in the books, written down, plain as ink.

Fact is, Obama's Youth are flooding the townhall meetings to drown out opposition. Here is proof. Questions must be submitted in advanced, approved by big brother, and then they are paraphrased. All we can do to be heard is heckle.

Conservatives made their voices heard at the town hall meeting held by Rep. Mike Thompson in Napa today. Thompson closed the session to the press and forbid photography and video recording. All questions were submitted in advanced and Thompson picked out his favorite and paraphrased them. Grassroots protesters crashed the party, however, letting our corrupt leaders that the proposed socialized healthcare reform is unacceptable.

Thompson spouted outrageous lies in recent meetings, telling his constituents that "nobody’s forcing you to go into any sort of government program."

The White House has led a massive attack on these grassroots protesters across the country, calling it "mob rule." The DNC claimed that the protesters are funded by health insurance companies. The media naturally repeated the lie.

AP repeated the White House attack on Drudgereport for reporting a video of Obama saying his healthcare plan with eliminate private insurance. AP and the White House said his quotes were taken out of context. Sorry, liberals. Video doesn't lie.

At a recent meeting, Sen. Arlen Specter faced blunt opposition as he attempted to defend socialized healthcare. Things are getting so tense for members of Congress that at least one member of Congress has suspended town hall meetings because he "felt they would be pointless." Go here to see the citizen confrontation with Sen. Specter

Obama's Youth tried to infiltrate a protest against socialized healthcare in New York. They failed.

Steny Hoyer gets confronted by a man claiming to be a registered democrat about the healthcare issue at a town hall event. The man is clearly frustrated with Hoyer -- who in typical politician fashion keeps on his happy face and motors on through. Seemingly incapable of conversing with one of his loyal subjects, the man just unloads, calling Hoyer a 'liar' and lashes out at the President for rushing healthcare -- but he took six months to decide which dog to get for his kids. Watch the argument HERE.

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Vic Snyder(D-AR) and Mike Ross(D-AR) held a Town Hall meeting at Arkansas' Children's Hospital. Their constituents tried to get them to promise to take the "public option" if ObamaCare is enacted. They refused.


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