Townhall Protesters Beaten & Arrested As Obama Promotes Violence: "Punch back twice as hard."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update! SEIU unionist thugs beat protesters at the order of our Dear Leader:

An attorney for the victim claimed: "The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face. Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back... The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo."

Obama said: "I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking, I just want them to get out of the way! I don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking!"

(Video Description) "As Rep. Kathy Castor was introduced, the reaction was overwhelmingly against her, with boos and chants of "You work for us." And in the lobby, the counter of Planned Parenthood representatives shouting, "Healthcare Now."

Shortly thereafter, violence erupted, where there were 2-3 big goons came out and started pushing those in line, and roughing up one in the corner (see top left screen) as well as another being put in a choke hold. Directly in front of the gentleman in the plaid type shirt, is one of them in a flower print. (eleven o'clock from the camera phone in the scene.) To right of the phone, another in a white shirt. Keep your eye on him, as he then goes for the choke hold on one of the people.

Deep in the corner of your upper left screen, there's a gentleman in a green shirt, whose is getting roughed up, as these two are pushing others. A police officer enters the seen, (Dark blue uniform, short, and a black officer.) You still see the gentleman getting roughed up. The cop not doing anything. They then let the guy go, as they slam the door shut."

The White House recently threatened dissenting voters: "If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard," said White House aid Messina.

“What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics,” said Baird, D-Vancouver. “I mean that very seriously.”

Protesters were also beaten at the St. Louis town hall meeting for socialized healthcare, and police arrested protesters who wouldn't silent themselves. Witnesses say thugs beat conservative protesters and used racial slurs. Police used pepper spray and arrested protesters who didn't settle down. A Post-Dispatch reporter was arrested for taking pictures of the scene.

This video shows Carnahan sneaking SEIU union members in through a handicapped entrance to "reserved" seats, while protesters were locked out:



This is very disturbing. Conservatives are being barred from Town Hall meetings while organizers are stuffing them with liberal-sympathetic unioners? And now SEIU thugs beating down on people who oppose their views? This is mob violence! How long will Americans stand for this?

Are any media outlets reporting this?

Anonymous said...

Too bad that if you watch and listen very closely, it is apparent that Gladney is the aggressor and that he attacked a minister! When will it be enough? When will this stop? You keep ratcheting it up, and now you people are taking guns to President Obama's townhalls and hiding inside with knives?

Are you really proud of yourselves? You are actually ensuring that the hateful right will never be in power again!

"People are taking guns and knives"?

Don't you think if this were true it wold be all over the media and heralded by Obama's mouthpieces?

It is amazing to watch Obama and congressional Democrats slander the American people, saying that they are bought off by insurance companies, "too loud," and un-American.

Whatever happened to Hillary's comment that it is not unpatriotic to voice opposition to the current administration? Apparently that statement has an expiration date...

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