Obama Plants Pretend to be Doctors at Town Hall Meetings (Updated)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Roxana Mayer claimed she was a pediatric primary care physician at Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's town hall meeting. There several problems here. She is not a doctor and has never been a doctor. She is a graduate student in social work. She does not live in Rep. Lee's district and she came to the meeting because she was an Obama state delegate and been notified of the meeting by email. More information here.

In fact, she sits next to Maria Isabel, the famous Che Guevara fan who worked so hard to get Obama elected!

images: gateway pundit

Flag this story as officially "fishy."

Related... White House claims protesters dress up as Hilter at Townhall meetings.


All right! I just sent my first "Fishy Health Care Reform" email to flag@whitehouse.gov. I'm interested to see what the dis-information czar has to say about this Obama-camp shenanigan.

Dr B said...

I just sent off my email about someone claiming protesters dress as Hitler. That sounded very fishy.

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