Why Is Obama Meddling In Honduras' Impeachment Of "President For Life"?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

(Reuters Photo: Honduras' President Manuel Zelay, Raul Castro, and Hugo Chavez.)

The United States co-sponsored legislation in the U.N. with Marxist regimes Venezuela and Bolivia in support of Honduras' ousted president Manuel Zelaya. Obama adopted the communist party's position on Honduras.

Days after Obama refused to meddle in Iran's internal affairs to support boys and girls getting shot and tortured, he took swift action against Honduras and supported Zelaya, and now seeks to cut $215 million which would help battle drug smuggling into the United States. He mobilized U.N. backing behind Zelaya who will enter the country again with U.N. military support.

Our corrupt media is doing its best to cover up the truth, but the simple fact is Zelaya had been LEGALLY ousted by the other branches of government for seeking another term as president, and for numerous cases of fraud and corruption, including massive drug smuggling.

Our media refuses to actually read Honduras constitution.

Article 313: "The courts will require the help of the security forces to fulfill their resolutions, if they refused or were not any available, as required of citizens." This is exactly what happened.

Chapter 3 Article 42: Anyone who fraudulently produces or alters election documents loses citizenship. You wouldn't know this reading Associated Press, but Zelaya created and distributed false election ballots in violation of the courts.

Article 3: "No one owes obedience to a usurper government or to those who assume public office or employment by force of arms or by using means or procedures that violate or are unaware of what the Constitution and the laws. Verified by acts such authorities are zero and the people have the right to resort to insurrection in defense of constitutional order." Zelaya tried to extend his term of presidency past its constitutional limit.

Article 4: "Alternation in the presidency of the Republic is required."

Article 272: "The Armed Forces of Honduras, is a National Institution of a permanent nature, essentially professional, apolitical, obedient and not deliberating... They are set up to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic, keep the peace, public order and the rule of the Constitution, the principles of free suffrage and alternation in the presidency of the Republic." Hence, military coup.

So why is Obama trying so hard to help someone who wants to be Supreme Leader for life?

Volumes can be written about Obama's massive power-grab in the government. What it comes down to is this: he seems to be destroying our economy in order to institute socialism. The pheonix rising from the ashes, which communists have written about. He will be the leader of this new socialist empire.

Iran rebeled against their Supreme Leader for life. Obama did nothing but mutter a few words. He says he doesn't want to give Iran fodder to blame some American conspiracy, which they do anyway. The Obamabots rejoice.

Enter Honduras. The president gets expelled by the other branches of government because he tried to make himself president past the term limit. In other words he wanted to become Supreme Leader for life. Obama swings into action, holding hands with communist countries that have Supreme Leaders for life, like Chavez and Castro, and he drafts a UN resolution condemning the expulsion of the president. What happened to "I don't want to give them fodder to blame America?"

The media pounded us with the same propaganda. Obviously the corporations and Obama machine really didn't like this victory over a Supreme Leader for Life. Obama's presidency of flip-flops and power grabs is becoming more and more disturbing. With the senate now filibuster-proof through judicial incompetance, he will get his way even quicker.

Obama wants to be America's Supreme Leader for Life.

(China government media agrees Obama's policies are in conforming with Marxism)


Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the is no impeachment mechanism in the Hondurean constitution!

Except for Honduras, I doubt very much the judiciary needs the kidnap of a sitting president wearing pijamas to enforce a court order. It looks like the courts didn't read their constitution either. At leat not before the kidnap, it took them a week to come up with a legal explanation.

Are you recommending course of action for other countries? Like in the first Bush election, maybe?

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