Public Outcry Reason for Senate Holding Back on "Cap and Trade" Climate Change Bill Until After August

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Due to overwhelming grassroots pressure, the Senate is holding off on consideration of the "Cap and Trade" tax until after the August recess.

This is incredible news, because it shows that our voices are resonating in Washington and making a difference. Just weeks ago, emboldened lawmakers boasted that this massive energy bill would sail through Congress...

According to The Hill, Rep. Barbara Boxer said she is "not a bit" worried by the decision to hold off on the bill and fully expects the Senate to complete and vote on the bill this year.

But Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) feels differently, and points to blistering political opposition as the chief reason why the climate bill has suddenly cooled. "There is no question that the American public flatly rejected the House ramming through legislation that would have devastating impacts on American consumers."

Inhofe also sends a message to grassroots Americans who have been working tirelessly expressing outrage to lawmakers and rallying friends and family to take action against this bill as well. He said, we should "expect more arm-twisting and backroom deals--or, in other words more business as usual in Washington."

So while the American people may have won round one in the "Great Global Climate Tax Scheme," Inhofe's words should be a cautionary tale to all not to become complacent over these next days and weeks ahead.

This Administration that championed the idea of being open, honest and transparent with the American people cannot be trusted. In just a few months time, Obama and his cohorts
have shown that they must be watched, and watched closely because they flourish in the shadows.

While we should relish this great victory, we must prepare for what will almost certainly be a more aggressive push in the near future.


Euripides said...

Good news. When cap and trade passed the House, I immediately wrote both my senators, one of whom is the neocon John McCain. In a letter he sent back to me, he at least agreed with me that the Senate shouldn't steamroll cap and trade through, just to get it passed because of some perceived "crisis." It looks like the rest of the Senate agrees as well. They'll eventually pass something, but it won't be the unread steamrolled House version.

JaredNGarrett said...

This legislation is toast. Americans will not stand for it.

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