Good News! Global Warming is Over!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

For those of you who have not yet seen The Great Global Warming Swindle (you should, you can watch it for free here), here's a summary of the latest on why the earth is not about to burn up in a catastrophe of man-made global warming:

From Bluegrass Pundit:

Is Global Warming Over?

According to the temperature charts, there has been no appreciable temperature increase in the last ten years.

Chart found here.

Meanwhile, CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to climb.

Chart found here.

These charts indicate a lack of correlation between carbon levels in the atmosphere and the Earth's temperature. There could be a reason for this, but the burden of proof is on those that advocate anthropogenic global warming, not the skeptics. So far, they have failed to explain this divergence of the carbon level and temperature. Instead, the anthropogenic global warming crowd claims ten years is too short a period to disprove global warming. What period is long enough for them? Would twenty years or a hundred years be enough? The global warming crowd likes to pick a time period that is conducive to their theory. Here is the graph they want you to see.

Chart found here.

In the above chart, global warming advocates have selected an arbitrary time period that best supports their theory. Here is the chart they don't want you to see. (click chart for larger view)

Chart found here.

The 2000 year temperature chart shows that temperatures were as hot 1000 years ago as they are today. Of course, human society was largely agrarian at that time and anthropogenic carbon emissions weren't a factor. This brings up the question of how big an impact CO2 has as a greenhouse gas. Here is a sample chart of greenhouse gases the anthropogenic global warming advocates want you to see.

Chart found here.

There is something missing from the above chart. The main greenhouse gas is water vapor. The impact of water vapor and cloud droplets as a greenhouse gas is widely acknowledged. There is debate about what percent of the greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor and cloud droplets, but the number is thought to be 66% to 85%.

Table found here.


I admit I'm no scientist. However, in light of the disasters overflowing our world I find it naive do deny global warming and its harsh effect on nature. No doubt the next Tsunami is already on it's way.

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