UPDATED: What's Going on in Iran?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

UPDATE: from one reporter on the ground defies the government's no-press restriction to report on the million-man pro-Mousavi demonstrations, the apparent sympathy coming from Iranian military and even police officials, the school officials denouncement of the University raids and murders, and what all of this must mean.


Between the media spin and the zealous "tweeples", it is very difficult to figure out what is really going on in Iran. Ahmadinejad is bad news, there's no question about that, but is Mousavi really that much better? And was the election really rigged or are some people just upset with the outcome? And what's the big deal anyways when Iran is really run by this "supreme dictator" guy that no one gets to elect anyways?

Though I think the election was rigged and Mousavi probably is better than the Holocaust-denying Ahmadinejad, the issue here is not so much about the canadates. It is about that fact that Iranians have been living in a fascist theocracy and now they want their freedom. They want their inalienable rights, just like most of the rest of the civilized world has. As the stronghold of freedom in this world it seem that the United States ought to be arm-in-arm with the various countries throughout the world who have expressed solidarity with the revolutionary Iranians.

The toppling of the current oppressive Iranian regime would not only greatly improve the quality of life for Iranians, but may resolve some of the issues it has caused for the world: ie. threat of nuclear arms, funding terrorists in Iraq, etc. We don't want to do the job for them, that hasn't worked as well in Iraq and revolutions don't work that way, but I cannot stand the though of US standing idly by while revolutionaries for democracy are slaughtered by an oppressive government in another Tiananmen square.


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