The Cyber War: Iran vs. Hacktivists Around the World

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Tehran's streets may be bloody, says Douglas Rushkoff, but the opposition [Mousavi's supporters] has won the digital war. The battleground: Facebook and Twitter. The weapons: bandwidth and hacking. The prize: the end of totalitarianism." [...]

"What started out as an attempt to overload a small set of official sites has now expanded, network security consultant Dancho Danchev notes. News outlets like Raja News are being attacked, too. The semi-official Fars News site is currently unavailable.

“'We turned our collective power and outrage into a serious weapon that we could use at our will, without ever having to feel the consequences. We practiced distributed, citizen-based warfare,' writes Matthew Burton, a former U.S. intelligence analyst who joined in the online assaults, thanks to a 'push-button tool that would, upon your click, immediately start bombarding 10 Web sites with requests.'"

Web Attacks Expand in Iran’s Cyber Battle (Updated Again)
How Iran's Hackers Killed Big Brother
Cyberwar: Iran 2009

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***note: You can help the ddos attack on Iran government media here. From what I've read it is illegal in many countries to do this but not in the U.S., however click at your own risk, we are not responsible... -Dr B


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