CA Politicians up to Monkey Business With Tax Money

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

While our government leaders are threatening to lay off teachers and firemen to balance the budget, they managed to spend $7.4 million on a monkey exhibit at the LA zoo that never actually happened. Yes, our brilliant government spent all of that money earned by hardworking American citizens building a China-themed primate enclosure complete with Canary Island palm trees, artificial trees with extra springy limbs, and a viewing structure with Chinese-style tilework. They even hired a feng shui expert for $4,500 that tweaked the final design with a water fountain and other features meant to promote the monkeys' health and happiness. The problem is China decided they don't want to loan LA their monkeys. Whoops.

(LA zoo searches for new simians after monkey snub)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the monkey politicians should make use of the exhibit.

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