Victory Over Gay Curriculum in Alameda Schools

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"When citizens unite, they can have a huge impact on their community and government. That's exactly what happened on Tuesday evening at the Alameda Unified School District meeting. The school board meeting was so overwhelmed by the approximately 300 parents who showed up to testify against the proposed homosexual curriculum, the fire marshal had to ask half the crowd to leave.

This is incredibly encouraging; parents are taking action to protect their children and hold their school board accountable.

Since there were over 175 speakers at the normally scheduled Tuesday evening school board meeting, the remaining speakers were put on a list to speak at a special carryover meeting scheduled for the following Monday evening, May 18.

Obviously May 18th has come and gone, but please continue to address this issue with blog posts, letters to editors, letters to the school board, etc. Together, we can make a difference! Go Team!


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