Obama's Top Advisor Calls Miss California A Dog

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notice how the audience of NPR’s " Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" screams with ecstasy when Axelrod said Miss California had been considered a choice for Obama's family dog.


Euripides said...

How far we've fallen as a tolerant society - all in the name of tolerance for leftist ideals. This is another reason I haven't bothered to listen to NPR for a half dozen years. These shows just stopped being even interesting. (Well, except for Car Talk.)

Sorry Chino, but I'm not going to allow you to smear one of your opponents on my site. The fact that you are trying to publically humiliate her and purposely put her in danger by posting her personal information shows that like so many others in your camp, you have no morals and are not content with the democratic process. I can only hope that your tactics will be seen by the public and proper authorities for what they really are.

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