Levi's Goes Gay- Boycott!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joining the ranks of McDonalds, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and hundreds of other elitist corporations. Levi's jeans now have white knots on them, showing solidarity with our poor, victimized homosexual brethren.


So their business model is either "everyone already supports gay marriage so if we put our little gay rights symbol on our jeans we will sell more" or "everyone ought to support gay marriage so if we put our little gay rights symbol on our jeans it will convince them to and/or give more publicity to the movement." Either one is a horrible business strategy. I resent being told what to think by a trendy clothing company. But on the other hand, to many liberals name-brands are better than religions.

Pearl said...

What's sad is that white is actually a symbol of purity. In this case I suppose it represents pure inequality of gender representation in homosexual marriage? First homosexual activists appropriate the word "gay." Then they appropriate the symbol of hope - the rainbow. And now they claim white as their own. And yet, they seriously confuse the true message of purity - that children not only deserve but need the influence of two involved and loving opposite-sex parents to ensure their balanced and healthy emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual development. That . . . is true purity.

The homosexuals that I have personally known have not been very at peace with themselves, and they certainly don't live morally pure lifestyles. Why anyone would want to encourage that life style is beyond me...

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