Obama Brings Hope... To America's Rivals

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This article by BBC caught my eye: Americas rivals see signs of hope

At the Latin America Summit, Obama shook the hand of anti-American, president-for-life Hugo Chavez with a wink and a smile. Chavez then gave Obama a copy of one of his favorite anti-American books. Obama considered this a "thoughtful" gesture, but then he thought that the book was written by Chavez himself. Today Obama bid his new best friend "adios Amigos!".

Stupid, but we can forgive that.

But wait! There's more!

When Nicaraguan Marxist President Daniel Ortega railed against the United States for more than an hour, Obama reacted by smiling and shaking his hand. He said he was grateful that Ortega "did not blame me" for America's evil nature. Obama then gave the wrong date for the Bay of Pigs Invasion, but that's beside the point.

Hillary was asked twice by FoxNews what she thought about the anti-American speech and she replied, "To have those first class Caribbean entertainers on all on one stage and to see how much was done in such a small amount of space, I was overwhelmed."

Obama is lifting the trade and tourism embargoes against communist Cuba, even though thousands of innocent political prisoners still rot in Cuba's jails. This breaks his promise early in the campaign that he would lift the injustice and oppression in Cuba.

But why should Obama care about innocent political prisoners? After all, he is continuing the Patriot Act, breaking another campaign promise, and expands CIA interrogations of political prisoners, breaking yet another campaign promise.


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