Miss America Mothers "Upset" After Judge Calls Pro-Marriage Contestant "Dumb B*tch"

Monday, April 20, 2009

I just received word from a source who has discussed the matter with multiple contestants and their mothers. They are upset that the Miss America pageant has broken from traditional and asked a lot of politically charged questions.

Recently Perez Hilton, judge for the contest and flaming gay activist, blasted Miss California for her pro-marriage answer to his gay marriage question, calling it "the worst answer in pageant history" and calling her a "dumb b*tch" with "half a brain." Miss California had said she respects everyone's belief and is grateful that this country allows free speech and people to vote.

Concerned parents of multiple contestants representing states expressed outrage yesterday that Perez asked the question. Miss America is about celebrating young womens' talents and beauty, not about making political points, they said.

[image: Gawker.com, pageantcastnews.blogspot.com]


Lee Grimsley said...

Another sterling example of special rights for homosexuals.

Maybe the transgendered are right

Maybe God did make a mistake

Anonymous said...

God is never wrong he is always right its the gays that have it wrong!!!! I'm proud of Miss Cal for standing up for what she belives in!!!
I'm really tired of gays acting like everyone should think like them!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Miss America Contest has a serious flaw, why would you choose a openly gay man - Perez (or what ever IT is) to judge a beauty contest? If you don’t have the brains to choose your significant other from the opposite sex what do you know about beauty?

In the future the Miss America Contest should ask the American Kennel Club to give them some help in finding winners.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hilton claims to be put off by the form of this contestant's answer....in truth, he is upset with (1) her opposition to his stance on same sex marriage, and (2) her audacity in voicing her contrary opinion

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Miss California! Finally someone had the nerve speak what they believe in. I'm so sick of the medias love affair with liberal views. We're taking America back on voice at a time!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss California was given a loaded question by a judge who should have never been chosen. He doesn't have any credibility and now the miss america contest has lost the little it had. It's really sad how low we have sunk to morally in this country. Where have all the adults gone?
There was was only one person with any hate and that was the judge. And only one person with courage, miss california. If only the rest of us could stand up for what is really right, as Miss California has!

Anonymous said...

Right will always win, so consider yourself a winner,maybe not in the eyes of some, but in the eyes of GOD you are a winner. Continue to speakout for the truth.

Anonymous said...

Christians of the world need to stand up for what is right!! What does the Bible say!! Christians need to let the world and Hollywood know that we donot accept the life style of gays- That judge asked her opinion on gays and she told him, Why cant she give her opinion without being bashed. I'm very proud of her!! I cant even watch TV with out seeing a Gay commercial like "Quizno's" . They make me sick!!!!!!!!

So...Miss America is supposed to be judged according to her beauty and character, but when they find a young woman who is willing to stand up in the public eye and affirm that she believes in the sanctity of marriage, she immediately loses. It sounds to me like the pageant has lost it's credibility (if it ever had any) and is more than ever showing it's true Hollywood colors: They want women to stand up, shut up and show some skin, but if you say anything about your own intelligent views we will discredit you and smear you. So much for the "liberated" woman in Hollywood...

Jessica said...

Way to go Miss California!!! I am so proud that you would stick up for your beliefs even though you knew the answer the so called judge was looking for. Your answer was polite and stated your values, he on the otherhand had a very childish reaction - he through a tantrum when he didn't get the answer he wanted! God was smiling a great big grin that night! Stay true to yourself, that is so much more important than a crown anyway! You were the true winner in the end. Jessica, WI

Anonymous said...

Miss USA, people. Not Miss America.

Anonymous said...

She is judged on her character and the way she answers the questions. Clearly, her answer was poorly worded and offended people. Her answer was an ignorant answer. Furthermore, she should take responsibility for her own words and not blame God. I don't think God would want anyone to cast her out nor cast out those at choose to be gay. As a Christian, I hope you know better than to prosecute someone because when you do you've prosecuted yourself.


As a Christian I know what God has said about homosexuality and I am therefore moved to oppose it.

As an American that believes in democracy I see what the vast majority of the people want and I am therefore moved to oppose your arbitrary redefinition of marriage.

As a human being I see that nature has created the ideal child-raising scenario to be one man and one woman in a committed relationship - what our race has come to call marriage - and I am therefore determined, for the sake of our children and the future of our race, to oppose your selfish redefinition of it.

I am not persecuting anyone. Unlike gay marriage activists, I have not named names, slandered and blacklisted the opposition and vandalized their property. I am just resisting you telling me and my children what we have to believe.

Why is it when Mrs. California gives her political stance she is "ignorant," "poorly worded" and "offensive?" She never asked for that question. She didn't want to publicly take a stand on this issue. Why is it that pro-gay propaganda is all over our society but whenever someone else gives their views it is labeled as totally inappropriate. You, my friend, are the hypocritical, close-minded one.

Anonymous said...

Miss Califonia is a victom of reverse sexual harassment out of a job. That is a crime here in California. The people of California spoke load and clear in November with the passing of Proposition 8. Know there seems to be a huge backlash from Hollywood and the media. I have had enough of this behavior. Thankyou Miss California for speaking you mind. Good luck in the future. Please pass it on "Boycott The Miss America contest next year."

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