Miss America Judge: Miss CA a "Dumb B*tch" For Opposing Gay Marriage

Monday, April 20, 2009

Radical gay activist Perez Hilton angrily lashed out against Miss California, Carrie Prejean, in this video, calling her response to his question "the worst answer in pageant history" and calling her a "dumb b*tch" with "half a brain." On his flamboyant website, Perez relented and said simply, "There is no right answer, but there could have been a much better answer!"

Miss California simply answered she respectfully thought marriage should be between a man and a woman, as you can see here. Perez claims the audience booed her, but you can clearly see she was cheered.

Despite the cheers, Prejean clearly lost the faux pageant because she courageously stood up for traditional marriage. You can't have anything on TV that doesn't include gay marriage propaganda these days. Miss America is just the latest media event to become an intolerant mouthpiece for the anti-religion cult.

Perez Hilton's hissy fit wasn't so much about Prejean's personal opposition to 'gay marriage.' In my opinion, he was more upset that she praised America as a place where people are free to speak and vote on such matters.


Euripides said...

Freedom to decide the issue of same sex marriage is exactly what gay activists do not want, since they know that the vast majority of Americans are against the idea. Good for Miss California!

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