Leaked Email Reveals Obama Exploiting Veterans, Homeowners

Friday, April 10, 2009

CNN reports on the email accidentally sent to the press by a "sleep-deprived" staffer:

"The first section of the schedule noted that in the morning, Obama planned to talk with homeowners who have refinanced their homes and benefited from lower mortgage payments.

One staffer, recommending changes to that line, wrote to “put more emphasis on the real people aspect of this.”...

In another exchange, one staffer recommended nixing a line about Obama meeting with leaders from the Veterans Service Organizations and Military Service Organizations since the president was now meeting with them before his remarks in an event closed to the media.

“Can we keep it and just change it to say before. It[']s good for us to say we are meeting with them,” another replied.

Even though the email was sent to all the big media, CNN appears to be the only ones reporting this. To their credit, they also reported on the covered-up Obama bow to the Saudi King:


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