The DNA is Growing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The marriage fight has been very public with the battles going on in the northeastern states lately. The opposition has targeted six states for major marriage fights. In these fights, the DNA has been instrumental in helping to get the message out from NOM, UFI, and other Marriage Advocates in this fight. Thank you for all you're doing! Even if these aren't our home states, what happens here, affects the entire nation. It may seem small, but these graphics, videos, letters, social networking and blogging efforts are doing a vital work in raising the visibility of marriage in the public eye. It's not enough to simply rely on the big organizations to do the heavy hitting for us. We have to be involved on a personal level, both for our own education and to give backup to the frontrunners. Our grass roots effort gives validation and authority to the bigger organizations. Without the people behind them, their efforts are empty. The interest we give them, the word of mouth buzz we contribute, all that combines to give them power and influence to act on our behalf. They are our megaphone.

The DNA is growing!

In the past few months the DNA has grown significantly from an organization of hundreds to an organization of thousands. It is wonderful to see so many volunteer their talents and time to this vital fight. You may have noticed some changes to the DNA homepage, new sections are being added like a link to Sto Pro Verum, a new stuff and buttons shop that was started by our members. It is being featured on the site to help get the message out. Also, the DNA has spread and diversified as we make use of the latent talents of our membership. Check out our groups and specializations on the Take Action! page.

Voice of the Nation

Most recently, the DNA and UFI have teamed up to launch a blog talk radio program called "Voice of the Nation", where we are furthering our reach into the national conversation. Shows air Thursdays from 2-3pm, and are archived by date for podcasting. This week we'll be having Brian Brown from the National Organization for Marriage on as our guest to talk about the battle for the north east states.

This is a great effort, and it will not be over in a moment. To the battle hardened, We need you! Thanks for sticking with the fight! For those of you just joining us! Welcome!

Together we are making a difference!

Angela RockwoodDirector, DNA


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