Prop 8's Day in Court

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Once again, the people of California have had their day in court regarding the safeguarding of traditional marriage. Now the fate of Proposition 8 rests with the seven justices on the state Supreme Court. As a California voter, I hope the court will uphold the sanctity of our state law and the democratic process by ruling Proposition 8 a valid amendment to our state constitution. To rule otherwise would turn our government system on its head and make a mockery of the people's ability to amend our constitution.

"Proposition 8 was a valid amendment to our state constitution, simply placing proposition 22's 14-word definition of traditional marriage into the constitution. Opponents argue Proposition 8 was a revision to our constitution and therefore was illegally placed on the ballot. However, a revision is a fundamental change to the structure of our entire government system. Asking the people to place into our state constitution the historic definition of marriage does not reach the level of 'revising' our form of government. In fact, redefining the institution of marriage to include anything more than one man and one woman is a substantial change to our social order.

"During the court's hearing today Justice Joyce Kennard asked some very important questions that speak to the issue of whether the people have the right to change our constitution. She made a clear distinction between the court's overturning of Proposition 22 and the current case. While the court previously ruled Proposition 22 unconstitutional, now the court must consider what constitutes a revision and an amendment to the constitution.

"Kenneth Starr did a brilliant job articulating the case for Proposition 8's constitutionality. His gracious, intelligent presentation was by far the strongest case presented to the court. I cannot praise him highly enough for his outstanding representation of our case.

"At this point, we ask every Californian to pray for the seven justices as they prepare their decision in this pivotal case. Pray for their wisdom and that they will render a decision that honors the rule of law and the will of the people.

-Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute

Complete Video of Prop 8 Oral Arguments (proceeded by a video intro to the CA Supreme Court)
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I think this is the real problem with Prop 8:

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