LBGT "Compromise": No one can be called "married"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It has been obvious from the beginning: the LBGT community is as interested in marriage as the woman trying to steal the baby in court before King Solomon. They also would much rather "cut the baby in half" than not get their way. Now they are suggesting the "compromise" that since they can't have marriage the way they want it, no one should be able to get married. Douglas W. Kmiec and Shelley Ross Saxer in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Direct the state to employ non-marriage terminology for all couples - be it civil union or some equivalent. While new terminology for all may at first seem awkward - mostly in greeting card shops - the third step dovetails with the court's important responsibility to reaffirm the unfettered freedom of all faiths to extend the nomenclature of marriage as their traditions allow.

"Equality in substance and in name"


Anonymous said...

Many people have their own computer and printer so we could all just make our own cards.

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