Gay Groups Harass Mormon Church With 7 New Charges

Friday, March 20, 2009

A leaked memo shows that the ironically named Californians Against Hate:

"...accuses the church of creating the National Organization for Marriage in California as early as summer 2007 as a front group for its agenda, while failing to report the costs as required by California law.

The amended complaint also adds six other charges that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints delayed disclosure or vastly underreported other nonmonetary contributions to the campaign, including the costs of compensated staff time for senior church officials...

''The church did not establish the National Organization for Marriage,'' LDS spokesman Scott Trotter said, adding that the church has disclosed its entire contribution to the pro-Proposition 8 effort. Karger, said Trotter, ''is entitled to his opinion but not to his own version of the facts.''

The head of the National Organization for Marriage bristled at the new charges, describing the group as a multifaith coalition and calling the allegation it was a LDS Church front group "outlandish.''...

Roman Porter, the commission's executive director, confirmed Wednesday the probe "remains active,'' but declined further comment."

source: Salt Lake Tribune


Euripides said...

On the Californians Against Hate website, they have a list of individuals and groups who donated to the Prop 8 campaign. Interestingly, the LDS Church doesn't even appear on the top list. So the question remains, why do these folks hate the Mormons?

Some folks have suggested that I am gay since I write against the idea of gay marriage. Maybe these folks are closet-Mormons who are secretly ashamed to give up their hatred and guilt?

Liberty Belle said...

That's an interesting take Euripides... something about easy target springs to mind.

El Genio said...

1. The memo wasn't leaked, they posted it on their blog and distributed it to various media outlets.

2. You could call this harassment, or you could call it someone being very upset at the group that just bankrolled the legal dissolution of their marriage.

3. Members of the LDS church are responsible for 40% of the pro 8 fund raising - and that's not even counting the massive tracting & call center efforts that took place. They feel like we have attacked their families, which is why they are (understandably) upset. I imagine that if someone tried to annul your temple marriage, you would be angry too.

Dr B said...

"I imagine that if someone tried to annul your temple marriage, you would be angry too"

Yea, that actually happened. Of course people who went to public schools wouldn't know that history of our country. Utah outlawed polygamy in order to become a state, after the Supreme Court wrote a law that outlawed it. No blacklists, no violence, no vandalism resulted.

So you admit that this harassment of the church has no basis, as the members of the church, not the church itself, raised all that money?

Stephen said...

Do you really believe that filing a complaint alleging a violation of California campaign finance law is harassment? When did asking for compliance with the law improper?

If the LDS Church did nothing wrong, then they should have nothing to worry about the investigation.

It is very clear that the Mormon church did nothing wrong, and it is also very clear that pro-gay groups complicit with certain government officials are out to smear them for daring to oppose their agenda. Again and again the LDS church has clearly released their records and again and again the media slanders them.

This is clearly not about the truth, this is about punishment.

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