Attorney General Jerry Brown Seeks To Abolish Marriage From Law

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This man is the biggest clown I've ever seen.

The man's career is built on corruption. His assault on marriage started with attacks on the voter approved constitutional ammendment, which it is his job to protect. Then he successfully blocked attempts to shield voters from harassment. Then he called for the Fairness Doctrine to silence opponents.

Now just days after giving opening arguments in opposition to voter-approved Proposition 8 he has submitted the official title and summary for a measure that would remove civil marriage from California law entirely. Which would also undo Prop-8.


Euripides said...

Jerry Brown is the poorest excuse for an AG in any state. He still thinks he's governor, but someone forgot to tell him that no one liked him in that post either.

Liberty Belle said...

Score Euripides! I don't know how we ever got such a sorry man for office. His contempt for the people he's sworn to serve is palpable. No one can deny it. The sooner he leaves office, the better.

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